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Not A QQ thread HM Denova

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07.09.2012 , 09:34 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Lovia View Post
2 things,

You said full campaign, on one hand you got that the flashpoint can be completed with full rakata tank (personal experience) and in the other hand the gear as campaign is pretty half cooked so you gotta swap armorings/mods/enchantments all over the place to get what is commonly refered as best in slot plus min/maxing offstats so there might be a lot of room for improvement.

Are you one of those ppl that go for secondary stats on augments instead of tank main stat (endurance)? The only way to counter spiky damage is to leave room for healers to heal, thus endurance, plus since passive mitigation is only based on ilvl and active mitigation is diminished hugely endurance is the way to go.

summary: you should be able to complete the instance no matter what with campaign+ gear, you should try to improve your gear even after looting campaign by min/maxing stats and stacking endurance to help the healers with damage spikes.
hmm this is interesting ill look in to this but with buffs and stuff im sitting at about 25.5K health.. not amazing i know but yeah i generally do try and prioritise the sub stats cause i figured an extra 1k helath wwasnt really worth it.. but perhaps i am wrong in thinking this

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07.09.2012 , 09:38 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Blarginater View Post
Is that shield rating with our without dark ward, because if it isn't, that is way too high and you are hitting severe DR on shield rating, try to replace a good bit of that shield rating for absorb.
There really isn't that big of a DR on shield rating at all.
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07.09.2012 , 10:13 PM | #13
You mentioned having the healers running out of force, are you using two sorc/sage healers?

we have been clearing HM EC for a while, about 4 weeks now, I wont lie we had around 5 hours over two nights of wipes and progression before we got him down, nothing about that fight can be classified as easy.

I'm one of the tanks ( powertech) all back hole and campaign, ( mods ) defence 21, shield/absorb 56/56. our core side is set up as
Tanks ( Jugg, Powertech)
heals ( Op, sorc)
DPS (Merc, maurder, Sniper, Sorc)

Our heals are set like to this give the tank tanking better distribution of heals, Merc and Op Heals are better single target heals then sorcs, plus they have the ability to stack heal and create bigger heals duie to their heat and energy control. combine them with a sorc which can aoe better you have the two best combination in the game,

When we tank this phase after the sniper drops his shield at the transition at 60%, we single tank, as one tank will have a d-buff and will kite the purple circles. the tank tanking seems to swap between my self and my tanking partner, We we are taking the hits our life seems to sit around 70-80% with constant little heals, we channel our buffs here to ensure we don't drop to fast. meaning when we hit 100% health we drop a CD, the heals can then focus of the Melee DPS, for up to 15 seconds. Both Jugg tank and myself can hold this fine. We will get the unlucky damage through were we will drop 10K in 1 second from a big hit which passes through all our mitigation. but this is rare.

the goal is to get it down before the enrage timer which i hard. if we can get it down to 10%, generally we are ok, most times both of us will die. ( 3 shot, but we have enough dps to clear it. )

I have a couple of cross guild mates who are assassins, they have managed to kill it. and they gear is not close to what you have posted.

I'm curious about your heal set up and your gear, I'm geared well, and i stack on my most important abilities ( shield and Absorb) and i don't think I have ever seen an assassin a 63% shield chance, you are well past the diminishing returns, your goal should be around 50/50 or even 45/45 with more stack on defence which is your primary defence attribute you should focus on.

On another note, i have experienced one funny thing which occasionally happens to me. sometimes my shield generator ( the gear slot itself) does not work. I have to un-equip it and re-equip it. to activate it.

Hope this helps mate

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07.09.2012 , 11:10 PM | #14
My shield chance is 70.65%. My absorption is 66.36%. I tank Kephess every week with 24.7k health. If you're eating it, there are two potential reasons. #1: You're not performing the tank swap properly and are getting instagibbed. #2: Your new healer is getting used to how much spike damage you take. I've done the fight with both a PT and a Juggernaut. I am always the tank that kites Kephess. If we've rotated out one of our core healers for a less geared one, then we swap when I get the DOT. If my core group is in there, we heal through it. My core group brings a Merc and an Op healer.
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07.10.2012 , 12:25 AM | #15
Like people have mentioned it is probably the healer that is failing. Post 60% the fight actually becomes a bit easier to heal imo, allows me to dps a bit to help with the tight enrage timer.

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07.10.2012 , 02:58 PM | #16
We do it with two SinTanks, who despite a "nerf" still have the advantage because his attacks are all doge-able and defle-ctable. Healers need to be on point, and DPS needs to not be taking needless damage to stress them.
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