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Why do crew missions change?

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Why do crew missions change?

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03.20.2012 , 07:50 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by AmunRae View Post
I had to chime in on here as well as this just recently capped my patience level... Bioware needs to fix this. I don't need FIVE companion gift missions on high level Crew Skills.
This above all else bothers me the most. Not having the missions I need right off the bat is one thing; I am willing to do other materials missions to get the material mission I need because I always need materials and what I don't need can usually sell on the GTN. However, having all missions be the same thing, for something that I don't need (or have an overabundance of already) is worse.

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07.08.2012 , 07:45 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Hajizan View Post
Please don't give false information, entering or leaving your ship does not reset your missions.
You should follow your own advice. It *does* work...

Well a few months later and this still hasn't been addressed. Of all my crafters, I found this to be the most annoying with Diplomacy. Not only do you have to wait through the normal RNG to find the right mission TYPE, but then you have a 50/50 chance on top of that to get either the light side or dark side, depending on which you're after. It was EXTREMELY frustrating (read: not fun) trying to get the medical supplies I needed to level up my biochem. I ended up blowing a fortune on GTN mats, because the way it's currently set up, I wouldn't have been able to learn the recipes I needed for each level range in time for my character to benefit from them.

That's really the biggest problem. It's extremely difficult to learn the recipes as you need them. It takes so long to get the mats (both time wasted trying to get the missions you need, and the unnecessarily excessive length of time missions take to complete at higher tiers) to practice recipes that you frequently will out-level the item you are trying to make before you can make it. It should be possible to get the recipes you need at the same time you can actually use them.

Leveling up my 5th character now, and I'm trying my best to work ahead of my actual level - in other words, REing for recipes well in advance of when I can actually use them, but it's not working out that well. I still frequently catch up to and pass the level of the item I am still trying to research.

I think the randomness coupled with the unnecessarily excessive availability of certain mission types, along with the ridiculous length of time needed to get the necessary mats (40+ minutes for 3 or 4 mats, which often isn't even enough for a single attempt?) make crafting unnecessarily tedious, and makes it very difficult to benefit the character being leveled up as he or she levels up.

This becomes more and more apparent the higher level you get as missions start approaching the 1 hour mark in duration. It can take you an entire day of game play just to learn a single recipe (if you're lucky). That might benefit your alts eventually, but not so much for the character with the crafting skill.
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07.10.2012 , 08:22 AM | #13
Wait, the missions you buy on the GTN are single use only?! I just paid 50k for a level 340 underworld trading mission and have been waiting for it to pop up again on my rotation. I could have just bought the mats I needed cheaper..... :-\