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Useless stats on gear ?

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07.09.2012 , 02:40 PM | #11
I don't think the devs would have overlooked such a serious flaw in the system(although I may be giving them too much credit). They designed it on purpose to be RGN based, with pointless combinations, to add to the grind. This way you need to RE a ton of greens to get the right blue and repeat the process to get purple from blues. Throw in the time / cost to gather / obtain mats and it is obvious that crafting is secretly the biggest time sink in the game.

The sad part ... if we could have crafted viable end game gear then it would all have been acceptable. Of course all of this is moot since they are throwing end game gear at us via LFG and HM FPs. Crafting is dead ... long live the raiders err FPers.

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07.09.2012 , 03:47 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by lpsmash View Post
Aim scattergun is used by Kailyo, the agent's first companion. Aim shank is used by a smuggler companion, can't even remember her name. The mandalorian Zabrak tank that I never cared about.
Kaliyo cannot equip shotguns. Pistols and rifles mainhand, and shields and generators off-hand. Akaavi cannot equip vibroknives; techblade and techstaff mainhand and shields and generators off. Shotguns are used by Smugglers, Doc, Tharan, Zenith, Guss, and Risha, and vibroknives are used by Imperial Agents, Quinn, Talos, Gault, Mako, and Lokin, all of whom are Cunning-based. No one uses aim vibroknives or shotguns.

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07.09.2012 , 11:06 PM | #13
Oh, dear gods, how clueless can people be....
Quote: Originally Posted by SturmUndSterne View Post
Furthermore, I have several uses for shield/absorb on a focus or generator. What if you're in a class that CAN tank, in a DPS spec, in a low-level flashpoint and need to switch to off-tank when your tank wipes? It'd be nice to have some backup stats on your gear that make you a bit more survivable, no?

Shield rating and absorb rating on a focus or generator are completely useless becaus a FOCUS OR GENERATOR IS NOT A SHIELD and does not function as a shield no matter how much shield rating you have! You can't wear a shield same time with these dps stat sticks that occupy a equipment slot where the shield would be.
When you are wearing a focus or generator, you are not wearing a shield.
It is useless to have a stat that increases your shield chance, when YOU ARE NOT WEARING A SHIELD!