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Reverse Engineering Probability (How Many Attempts Are Required)

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Reverse Engineering Probability (How Many Attempts Are Required)

obi-wan-kaneobi's Avatar

07.09.2012 , 05:48 PM | #1
I recently found out that with Biochem you can reverse engineer Black Hole Implants. There's a 20% chance to get a schematic each time you try to reverse engineer it. I can't wait to have those recipes (there's a few different BH implants available).

Anyway, I wondered how many times I have to try to reverse engineer an implant in order to get the schematic. I'm assuming they disappear if it doesn't work so I haven't tried it yet. Is that assumption correct? I'm waiting until I get some more comms to buy a 2nd one. The implant only costs 35 BH comms.

Anyway, here's the number of tries you need to make with the associated probability of success (to get at LEAST one success).
1 try = 20%
2 tries = 36%
3 tries = 49%
4 tries = 59%
5 tries = 67%
10 tries = 89%
15 tries = 96%
20 tries = 99%
30 tries = 99.89%

The probability of failure on each try is 0.8 (80%). The number in the table above (to get at LEAST 1 success) is calculated as the difference between 1 (100%) and the probability of N consecutive failures (e.g. for 4 tries that would be 1 - 0.8^4 = 0.5904 or 59%).

Hopefully, I'll get lucky within the first couple tries.

Good luck with your top level gear quests.