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Can we clean up the BOP/BOE mess in crew skills?

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Can we clean up the BOP/BOE mess in crew skills?

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07.08.2012 , 09:42 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by asbalana View Post
Thank you, good to know and I wil take a look.

My wife and I have been leveling alts to see an entirely new story line over the last few weeks and have not run dailies over that time. The last I looked the daily vendors had no recipies.

Although we play as a team and interact with other players as much as we can, we probably would be considered soloists and have missed having anything to do on or any way to progress our mains. I think that like many many players, I did the dungeon and raid thing in WOW and will never go back to it again (just me and no criticism of raiding intended).

So thanks again for your nice response to my post.
You are quite welcome, my wife and I also like crafting and alt-ing. We consider ourselves duo'ist rather than solo'ists. Sounds like we have a lot in common, did the raid thing in swg (what little there was), lotro, rift, and was never happy with that style gameplay. IF they were to put more recipes/mats on the daily/BH venders then I would be a very happy camper. The raiders would still have better gear, but I would not be stuck out at 50% the raiders stats when new content comes out.

The 50% is just rediculous, and that is grade 49 versus grade 61, the best a solo'ist can craft vs the best a raider can get. How do they plan to balance content roll outs, either it will be way too tough for casuals, altaholics and crew skill players, or way too easy for raiders. MMOs are about balance, they need some here.

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07.09.2012 , 02:25 PM | #12
I think the failure to get crafting right at end game is related to the credit sink. If we had a working crafting system that encouraged crafters and raiders to trade mats/gear via GTN it would help reduce the amount of surplus credits in the system. SWG had this nailed down and SWTOR should have copied that system. I would have loved to create a craft only toon that could be a viable participant in the end game (no pew pew).

Encouraging players to recycle credits is better than having tons of credit sources(dailies) and credit sinks(mods, legacy). Sources and sinks are still needed to keep the system running but they could become marginal. Honestly, if they instituted a commendation exchange system where players could trade / sell / buy commendations that would help also. Credits should be the universal modicum of exchange ... you know like in a real economy.

The WoW mentality of Raiders Uber Alles must die pronto!