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Force of Wills

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07.04.2012 , 01:29 PM | #41
I haven't forgotten about this fic. These next two weeks are going to be a little nutty for me. My oldest son has an intensive speech therapy class, that happens to occur when I would normally sit down and write. Please be patient with me. I'm so close to finishing this..... <3

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07.04.2012 , 03:48 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Earthmama View Post
I haven't forgotten about this fic. These next two weeks are going to be a little nutty for me. My oldest son has an intensive speech therapy class, that happens to occur when I would normally sit down and write. Please be patient with me. I'm so close to finishing this..... <3
I can't wait! Well.. that is to say I CAN wait... and I AM waiting... you know what I mean <3

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07.06.2012 , 09:12 AM | #43

Kianna loved travelling with her sister, there was music loudly playing over the speakers. A slow mellow rhythm, steele drums, a easy haunting male voice, a happy song. Shiloh and Vector were dancing, wrapped up in each other’s arms, singing along, Kianna’s smile was ear to ear as she bobbed her head, hugging her knees at her perch on the couch. Her sister was well, the memory of her in the kolto tank and in the hospital bed were fading. She almost forgot where they were going, she was so happy in that moment, barreling through space. As is the case with good things, the moment came to an end far too soon. It would be a memory Kianna would hold close to her heart throughout her training and her time as a Jedi. The lyrics “One love” would become her own personal jedi code, with the image of her sister and her strange lover imprinted in her mind.

Shiloh reluctantly pulled away from Vector at the end of the song, gave Kianna a wink and headed for the cockpit. They had come out of hyperspace but were still cloaked, Tython loomed ahead, a soft green and blue planet. Vector came up behind her, and put a hand on her shoulder, and squeezed. Shiloh uncloaked the ship, and hailed the orbiting space station.

“X-70B Phantom to Tython orbital station requesting permission to dock” Shiloh did not try to mask her imperial accent as she often did when dealing with the Republic. She had nothing to hide and the safety of her sister was paramount, there would be no unnecessary risk. As expected, the orbital stations defenses locked on the ship.

“X-70B Phantom, you’re a long way from Imperial space, what is the nature of your visit?”

“I have a force sensitive child on board, I wish to present her to the Jedi, I have also brought a second companion, he is a diplomat. I come in peace and in goodwill.” Not once had she even raised her shield, a show of faith, Vector nodded his approval. There was no answer for a long time.

“Hanger 3A” The voice on the other end replied finally, “once landed you and your companions will exit the ship, unarmed, you will be greeted by a jedi and a security force, who will check you for weapons, you will keep your hands on your heads and visible until told otherwise. If foul play is discovered you and your companions will be taken into custody. These are our conditions, if they cannot be met, we will only ask once that you turn around and leave the Tython system, and Republic space.”

Vector nodded again, Shiloh hated this, “We agree to your terms, making our final approach to Hangar 3A”

The three stepped out of the ship, Shiloh and Vector flanking Kianna. True to word, they were greeted by a Jedi knight and a squad of troopers. Shiloh and Vector lifted their hands and placed them on their heads, Kianna tentatively followed suit. The Jedi nodded to the Troopers, two went into the ship, another three patted down the trio. Shiloh stared into the Troopers helmet while he checked her for weapons, the Troopers back was to the Jedi, he ran gloved hands up each of her legs, brushing her inner thighs a little too intimately, his hands were on her hips now, he made his way up her ribs, she heard Vector tense. They were goading them, daring them to act, they wanted a reason to gun them down, Shiloh continued to stare into the Trooper’s mask as he reached behind her, invading her personal space and cupped her ***, even gave it a little tap. When his hands finally made their way to her breasts the Jedi cleared his throat, the Trooper dropped his hands immediately and stepped back.

“Shiloh?” Kianna’s voice was small, scared.

“Shhhh it’s alright, we have nothing to hide.”

Troopers exited her ship and nodded to the Jedi, who stepped forward then.

“Thank you for your patience, you understand the need for caution? You may lower your hands.”

“Of course Master Jedi, we are still at war.” Shiloh replied amicably enough, though her eyes had a wary and hard edge to them.

“And this child, you would bring her to us, and not to your Sith Academies? Curious”

Shiloh looked down at Kianna, who was now holding fast to her and Vectors hands, then back to the Jedi.

“Look at her, I’m force blind but even I can feel it, the Sith would….unmake her.” She chose her words carefully. She despised the Sith, truly, but they were an evil she would tolerate, because she cared deeply for the Empire, for the people, the Imperials, there was good to be found there. People worth protecting. She had explained it once to Ardun Koth.

The corner of the jedi’s lips twitched upwards, a small smile. He nodded to her and knelt, beckoned Kianna to take a step forward. She stood as tall as she could make herself, steeled her courage, and faced this full blown Jedi Knight, she could feel the force swirling around him, it was familiar, and called to her.

“Why have you come here child?”

“To become a Jedi.”

“Do you know what a Jedi is?”

“Defenders of peace”

“No, Defenders of the Republic, which would make your sister and her friend your enemy.”

One Love, One Heart.

“They are good people, with good hearts, I don’t care where they are from, good people are not my enemy.”

The Jedi smiled, a kind and friendly smile, his eyes danced.

“You’ll make a good diplomat one day, the order is lucky your sister brought you to us!” He turned his attention to the two adults, “I and an armed guard will escort you to the surface to meet with Master Elliah, she will assess your sister, although, like you said, her attunement to the force is hard to ignore, Master Elliah will be delighted to have such a gifted student.”

Kianna felt an instant connection to the kind Miraluka Master. Elliah was to be her teacher, Kianna felt no fear, only excitement at the prospect of learning, of becoming a Jedi. She hugged Vector tightly, he had been so sweet to her, he had become a great friend, he gave her a small jar of honey, made with love by the tiny insects he had introduced her to. Her sister was different, her joy dampened only because she would miss her so much.

“You are a gift Kianna, you are the greatest gift, I am so proud to be your sister.” Shiloh, let go, watched her lanky, awkward, beautiful sister bound off, confident now, that she had made the right choice. They turned, Vector putting an arm around her as they headed back to the shuttle.

Kianna looked back once, to wave one more time, but their backs were to her. She saw something else, something that gave her pause. Two little girls, scrambling into another shuttle, it seemed odd, she blinked, and they were gone. She shrugged and continued to follow her new Master.

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07.09.2012 , 09:12 AM | #44

Corso lay in the shade, he kept an eye on his boys, who were playing in an old troth he had fixed and filled with water, squeals of laughter filled the warm summer day as Aaron and Cohen splashed each other. Small bare bums jiggled as they ran from each other, the two little boys naked as they day they were born. Corso smiled, he remembered playing with his sister on the ranch he grew up on much the same way. He looked to the sky again, he had been doing that a lot, Ainsley had been gone for the better part of a month, both boys asked about her daily, and Corso was running out of things to tell them. She hadn’t checked in for almost two weeks. He had called Port Nowhere, but Risha and Guss hadn’t heard from her either. He had a sick feeling in his stomach, that she was hurt, a nagging voice told him she cut and ran.

His thoughts were interrupted by a soaking wet toddler who had decided daddy was too dry. Cohen dumped a bucket of water on Corso.

“Hey buddy!” Corso grabbed him up and dunked him into the water, and the little boy laughed and laughed. How could she not want this?

He looked at his two year old, he was a clone of his mother, eyes as blue as the sky and a shock of blonde hair. He had her smile too, big and open, and full of mischief. Aaron was only four but was big for his age, and he was dark like his dad, brown hair and brown eyes, all rough and tumble, but had quiet thoughtful moments. He was a sensitive boy, and missed cuddling with his mom. Aaron had stopped the chase and was looking wide eyed at the sky.

“It’s mommy! Mommy is home! Look daddy look! The ship!” Cohen followed his brothers finger and spotted the Weather Light and squirmed out of Corso’s arms. Before he could slap some clothes on the boys they bolted full tilt towards the landing pad, Cohen trying his very best to keep up with his big brother. Corso felt a wave of relief, and felt himself jogging to, longing to see her face, hold and kiss his wife. His heart was beating out of his chest her was so happy.

Ainsley spotted her two naked boys through the window, Akaavi laughed, Mitka cooed feeling the excitement in the air. Ainsley gave Mitka to her friend to hold, anticipating the tackle her boys would give her. Sure enough as soon as she stepped off the gangplank, she was jumped by two wet little boys, she was knocked on her ***, showered with hugs and kisses. Cohen babbled in his broken two year old basic, telling her about the new Ronto calves, and the pool daddy had made them, Aaron was quiet, face buried in her neck. She turned her attention to her big, strong, quiet oldest son, he was crying, so overwhelmed with emotion.

“Aaron, sweetheart, don’t cry.” She cooed to him holding him tight.

“You were gone for a long time mommy, I missed you, don’t go away so long again.” He furiously wiped his tears away with the back of his hand.

“I missed you to baby, I missed all of you.” She saw Corso, waiting for his boys to get their fill. She met her husbands gaze, his eyes were shining with unshed tears, Aaron was so like him.

She stood up and went to him. He wrapped her up in a bear hug, his hands burying themselves in her hair. Without thinking his lips kisses her neck, her face, and cheeks, until they found her lips, and he drank her in, never wanting to let go. Ainsley’s heart beat faster in her chest, and she returned his kiss, her own passion overtaking her. Aaron made a face and turned away, Cohen giggled at the display of affection and wrapped his little arms around each one of their legs, hugging them both. Reluctantly she pulled away from his embrace.

“There’s someone I want you boys to meet.” She waved Akaavi down, and both boys then ran to her, intending to bowl her over and shower her with the same exuberant welcome they had just given their mother. They stopped when they saw she was carrying something. She was holding the little bundle with care, so they let her pass, they were curious. Akaavi handed the baby over to her friend, and gave the boys a knowing smile, then caught Cohen up in her arms, so he could see.

“Who is this?” Corso murmured as he stepped in closer, he spied the little red newborn, and his eyes lit up. Aaron was on his tippy toes, and Corso held him up so he could see.

“This is Mitka.” Ainsley replied, pride and love in her eyes.

The small group made their way to the house, as Ainsley told Corso how she came to have the small sith Pureblood baby. Corso held her, offering his finger to the baby girl. Akaavi chased the boys to their room to get them dressed. Once alone, Corso considered his wife.

“Never figured you to be one to bring home strays, babe.” He teased her, kissing Mitka’s chubby cheeks.

“Ha! What are you talking about, how do you think I got my crew? You were all strays needing a home, just like this little girl.” She put her arm around Corso, offering a smile to the baby.

Corso chuckled, “I guess you’re right.”

“I’m always right!”

“We’re keeping her then? Thought you said you didn’t want anymore?”

“I changed my mind, how could I say no to her? She needs us Corso, she’ll have a hard go of it, because of how she looks, she needs the kind of love we can give her.”Ainsley held her breath, knowing he would agree, but still anxious. Aaron and Cohen came bounding down the stairs, now fully clothed.

“Boys, come over here and meet your new little sister” Corso called out, and Ainsley kissed his cheek and smiled, her family was truly complete now. Aaron was excited at the prospect of another sibling, Cohen was a little more cautious, he was the baby after all, unsure if he wanted to give up his place in the family.

“What baby name?” The two year old asked.

“Her name is Mitka Quinn Riggs.” Ainsley declared, Corso nodded his approval.

“I like her, she’s cute, and red is my favorite colour!” Aaron said, rubbing noses with his new baby sister.

Cohen took his turn to meet her, still unsure, she reached her hands up to him, and he offered her his fingers, when she wrapped her tiny fingers around his own, he smiled, big, Mitka returned the smile, her first true smile.

“I like her too, she can stay.” Cohen decided.

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07.09.2012 , 02:04 PM | #45
Ardyth Part 1.

Ardyth stood in the Drummond Kaas rain, she was in a large imperial graveyard, she stood before a grave with a familiar name, Quinn. Oriah Quinn, beloved wife and mother. Malavai had named their youngest after her, but she wasn’t looking at the tombstone she was looking at the spaces beside it. Her rage was quite, it boiled just below the surface. Had he betrayed her a second time?

Lord Jaesa Wilsaam, lifted the whip, her favorite cat o’ nine tails, flicked it down, viciously. The slave cried out.

“Tell me again, in great detail, what did you see?” Her voice was calm, almost sweet, but it held venom. She normally ignored the inane chatter of her slaves, but this particular conversation had peaked her ears.

“I….It was years ago mmy…my Lord. A woman, cyborg I think, with a sith baby.” The terrified Twilek replied, pulling at his restraints, which only got tighter the more he pulled at them.

Jeasa flicked again, drinking in his fear, and pain, “How many years?” She asked patiently.

“fff…five….standard years…It was on Nar Shaddaa, there was, ssssss..some kind of rebellion.”

Ardyth was soaked, but the constant rain, cleansed her renewed her, her light saber lit, she dug into the ground, searching.

Lieutenant Pierce sat down in front of the holo, intent on watching the hutt ball match, he had just opened a new beer, comfortable in his small apartment, sitting still didn’t suit him, but the Wrath had refused to allow him back to active duty, preferring him close. Pierce had harbored feeling for her, had acted on them only once, but he had promised, promised to be hers, whenever she needed him, he was a man of his word. So he would hit the cantina, watch Hutt ball, clean his guns, work out, all the while trying to keep thoughts of her out of his mind. She had a family with him, the traitor, two children, a boy and a girl. Pierce stood up, finished his beer in only a few droughts, his jealousy raged within him, he decided he might go back to the cantina, take that little tart up on her offer, get his mind off of things. He grabbed his jacket and opened the door. She stood there, soaked to the core, muddy, she looked as if she had been in a battlefield, he should have been there. That thought was always on his mind of late.

“My Lord?” Her yellow eyes met his, that look. He had seen it only once before, but back then, there was sadness behind her rage, there was no sadness tonight. She stepped inside his apartment, without being invited, Pierce hung up his jacket.

“Am I a fool Pierce?” Her voice was low, even, but it still made his hairs stand on end.

“Of course not my Lord.” Except for when you married him.

“I know of at least two people who think that I am.” Her eyes flashed, red, she was angry. “But I can’t be sure, I need your help, I need you to help me uncover the truth. Evidence is circumstantial at best.”

“I am yours my Lord, Always.” He dared, he might end up with a broken arm, but he dared lifting his arm up, and brushed away a stray hair that was plastered to her forehead. She closed her eyes, savoring the touch. “Might I suggest some dry clothes first?”

Her eyes met his, fire in her blood, “You may.”

He swallowed hard, as she peeled the wet clothes off her body, it was different then how he remembered, having gone through pregnancy and mother hood, but it was still supple, strong, curved, only a little softer, a little fuller. He led her to the shower, and made the water hot, took her hand, and guided her under the spray. He joined her, and like a man praying, washed her, letting his hands and lips roam, feeling her cold skin warm up. Years ago, it had been fast, quiet, urgent, passionate, he vowed to take his time tonight, savor every kiss, every moan that escaped her lips. She was his tonight, and he was hers always.

Some hours later, in the twilight and stillness of the night, the couple made their way to another apartment complex, Pierce picked the lock, and they went to the bedroom. They were entwined, the Chiss and her Joiner lover, alien and freak. She force pushed the bed, they fell out bewildered, Pierce aimed his rifle at the man who fell out of bed, Ardyth walked over to the women, who was confused, once her eyes adjusted, paled.

"My Lord Ardyth?" She sputtered, sleep still in her voice.

“Shiloh, my dear friend, we need to talk.”

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07.09.2012 , 02:19 PM | #46
I think my brain just shorted out. <3

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07.09.2012 , 04:41 PM | #47
Quote: Originally Posted by kabeone View Post
I think my brain just shorted out. <3
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07.09.2012 , 08:08 PM | #48
Ardyth Part 2

“After killing the abomination, what did my husband do?” Ardyth asked, her voice intensely calm, she was holding Vector up, against the wall in a force choke, she could feel his heart beat through the force, it slowed.

“He took her to the Kaas City Imperial cemetery, and dug a grave, beside his mother’s tomb stone.” Her eyes were panicked, she managed to keep the tremble out of her voice, Vector was all but blue, his legs would flail, then go rigid, he was dying.

“You’re certain of this? You saw it with your own eyes?” Ardyth questioned, despising the alien, once ally, as she lied, to her face. Her fear was acute, a panic, was it for fear of her lover, or had she been caught in a lie?

“Yes my Lord! Please, mercy, you’re killing him, he’s done nothing.” She plead with the powerful Sith Lord, she groveled, worm.

“Am I? Apologies.” She released him, and he came crashing down, he gasped, his esophagus, bent and bruised, trying to right itself. “Come Lieutenant, we’re done here.” Pierce gave her a questioning look but obeyed. Shiloh scrambled to her Joiner, Vector, helped to right him, hugged him. Her relief was tangible.

“One last question. On what side of the grave did my husband bury the body?”Ardyth’s back was still to them. But she felt the flare of panic again, confusion, there it was confusion mingled in her fear.

“The left side, my Lord.” Shiloh lied.

“Wrong answer. Pierce.”

Pierce smiled his feral smile, lifted his rifle, and shot Vector Hyllus between the eyes. Ardyth smiled then, savoring the anguished screams of the traitor, the liar.

“Do what you will with her, Captain, be as brutal as you want, just make sure she reaches her destination alive, she’s still an asset to the Empire.” The screaming devolved into angry curses, tears, Ardyth reveled in it.

“Captain? My Lord?”

She smiled at him, pulled him down by his collar and kissed him.

“I should have promoted you a long time ago, besides, I’ll need a good replacement, and I can think of no other, suitable candidates.” She purred to him.

Ardyth left the room, leaving the broken Chiss with her enforcer, she heard the force of his first punch through the walls, he did hate aliens.

When Ardyth returned to her estate, it was early morning, she knew where he would be.

Quinn had Oriah on his knee, and was drilling the gifted girl on her multiplication tables, she was two and a half years old. She was the spitting image of her father, only her features softer, more delicate, although her young blue eyes could already hold an edge. The one feature she had inherited from her Lord mother was her deep auburn hair. Ardyth walked in, and contemplated her daughter.

“She is so like you Malavai.” She said the compliment, but her voice and her face said something else.

“Ardyth, have you just now come home?” There was genuine concern in Malavai Quinns voice. Ardyth ignored him.

“You’re a strikingly beautiful girl Oriah. Not only that, but you are remarkably gifted, you were blessed with your father’s mind.” She placed her hand under her daughter’s chin, lifting her small face up. She caressed her cheek, “I wonder if you’ve also inherited his habit for treason?” She dropped the girls face, and stared at Quinn.

“My Lord, it’s not habit if it happened once.” Ardyth ignored him again

“Husband, use that sharp mind of yours, go onto the holonet, search “The Peoples Freedom” Uprising on Nar Shaddaa.”He complied, fingers dancing across the keyboard, it was an easy search, it was public knowledge.
“Play the holo recording would you. Come here Oriah, this is when we will catch your father in a lie.” She wrapped her arms around her daughter, never taking her eyes off her husbands face. She saw him clenching, and unclenching his jaw, it was the only indication he was nervous.

The holorecording was five, almost six years old, it was a Republic newscast, detailing a brief, but debilitating insurrection, by a group of alien terrorists. The image she wanted finally appeared, Quinn saw it as well. Captain Ainsley Isiz, and a clear camera shot of a tiny Sith Pureblood infant.

“Pause the recording.” Quinn complied. Oriah, wished she could to run to her father, she was scared, her mother always frightened her, but she was ignored for the most part, her hands were hard, and dug into her skin, she was hurting her. Ardyth released her vice like grip on her daughter, who ran to Quinn.

“Who, is that child?” Ardyth asked.

Quinn did not reply.

“What side of your mothers grave did you say you buried the abomination?” Quinn knew he was caught.

“On her right side.” He pushed Oriah away from him, she ran to the corner of the room, shaking. He kept his eyes on his wife’s, bracing himself.

She forced slammed him into the wall behind him. He fell hard, spitting blood.

“Papa?” Oriah managed to say in a tiny voice.

“Go to your room Ori, go practice your multiplication tables, Papa will be there soon.” He managed a smile for his dear daughter. She ran. As she left the room he was thrown again.

“I forgave you once, out of love, out of weakness. Yet you betray me again.” Ardyth force choked him, then threw him against the ceiling so that he would then fall to the ground.

Pierce walked into the study then, leaned against the doorway, smiling at the spectacle.

“You no longer make me weak Malavai, you will not have my mercy this time. For all intents and purposes, you will die, you will have your life, but your life with me, with the Empire ends today.”Ardyth stood over him, her heart did not betray her today, she looked at him, and felt nothing, felt disgust. Worm.

“Malavai Quinn, you are hereby under arrest, for the crime of treason. You are sentenced to a life in Shadowtown.” Pierce recited the line, savoring every word. “You know the place where they plant a bomb in your brain. Feel free to try and escape.”

“Why? Why won’t you kill me?” Quinn heaved, barely able to make it to his knees.

“To remind me of my failings, you are also tasked with keeping agent Shiloh Chint’aro alive, I imagine she’ll be feeling rather suicidal when she wakes up. The information she has is an asset to the Empire, she is not allowed to die. I suggest you discuss the finer details of your alibi's. Finally, dear Malavai, you will locate your eldest daughter for me. So that I may kill her, only then will I kill you.”

“I won’t” he spite blood, and gave her a defiant look.

Ardyth lifted him physically by the throat, “You will, or I will drag your little Oriah out here and open her gut with my lightsaber.” She threw him at Pierces feet. “It’s your choice.”

Oriah looked out her window, she saw her Papa being dragged by a large man to a speeder. He would not be back later to test her. Tears sprang to her eyes, even at this young age, she knew to cry quietly, even at this age she knew she was alone now.

Author's note:

This is the end of part one of Force of Wills, I already have some ideas kicking around for the next, but they need more fleshing out. I also need to play the characters in game a bit more, to help me round them out as characters. Thanks again to everyone who has been reading. I realize it could be rough around the edges at times, but it was a labor of love, and I'm so happy to have shared it.

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07.09.2012 , 08:17 PM | #49
Aaaaaah *gasp*.

Sad and amazing, I would love to read a part 2.

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07.09.2012 , 08:22 PM | #50
You don't pull your punches, do you?

Quote: Originally Posted by Earthmama View Post
He managed a smile for his dear daughter. She ran. As she left the room he was thrown again.
And that singular use of "his" is gorgeous.

Quote: Originally Posted by Earthmama View Post
even at this young age, she knew to cry quietly
Have I mentioned how splendidly hateable you have made Ardyth?

You have a way of making the reader feel every point of view, both from the inside and from the oft-painful observations of the outside (as in Ardyth observing Quinn, or Shiloh observing her sister). Wonderful.
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