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0/24/17 AP/Pyro Hybrid

Rischardo's Avatar

07.08.2012 , 08:19 PM | #1
Hey all, I don't think this particular build has been discussed yet (the closest thing I could find was this hybrid spec and I was wondering if I could get a second opinion on it.

A similar PvE build could be achieved by swapping out Hydraulic Overrides with the last point of PPA. Much of the discussion is related to the PvE version.


This is essentially a build with a Pyro mentality that has access to a strong AOE. One of the downfalls of pyro, in my opinion, is that it is geared towards single target damage. While single target burst is great, I wanted a more flexible and well-rounded build. Some may argue (and I would not necessarily disagree) that this is a jack of all trades build. It seeks to have decent burst from PPA railshots that are guaranteed to crit and to supplement that burst with PFT. With both single target and AOE capabilities, I can see this build working well in FPs and PvP. This may not be the best build for most Ops fights, but it would still perform well.

This build seeks to take advantage of the synergy between many of the Pyro/AP talents and when everything is firing on all cylinders, it is a beautiful thing:

Flameburst: 45% chance to reset railshot, 30% chance to make RP free, increases the damage of PFT
Rocket Punch (RP): 60% chance to reset railshot, 25% chance to make railshot autocrit
Retractable Blade (RB): 25% chance to make railshot autocrit
Railshot: moderate damage (in this build) that does good-high damage when it crits (RP/RB make railshot crits frequently). Bread and butter means of venting heat
Prototype Flamethrower (PFT): high damage filler for when you can't get a PPA proc anyways, heat efficient if used wisely. Potential for monster AOE damage.









Let me know what you think!

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07.09.2012 , 08:06 AM | #2
Agooz posted something like this oh 3 months ago now:

However, with changes to PFT, I would probably go more towards the PFT then the guaranteed RS Crit. Esp if running 4pc Elim
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