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blastmaster 99 & street sweeper

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blastmaster 99 & street sweeper

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07.08.2012 , 10:33 PM | #1
(BCA = Biometric Crystal Alloy)
So, I decided that I want to have all crew skills & I'd look through them all & see if there was stuff I wanted.

First, if you're not a biochem on your main - you're doing it wrong. Despite the nerfs, despite the changes, if you're not biochem, drop what you're doing, pick up biochem.

That said, I decided to look at making stuff that isn't easily obtainable, like off hand stuff. My arms mech came across not 1, but 2 shotguns, level 48 blues, the Blastmaster 99 and the Street sweeper... each require 3 BCAs.

Let me put this in perspective - I can make an orange man hand weapon, complete with all inserts, for 1 BCA. I can make a reusable medpack, stim, adrenal, whatever for 1 (or actually zero, since we're talking level 48) BCA.

And both shotguns are level 48 blues.

Really? 3 BCA's for a level 48 blue?