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How to Build a Better Augment System

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How to Build a Better Augment System

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07.08.2012 , 10:37 AM | #1
The task of this thread is simple. It is about giving ideas to fix the current augment system. What I am going to put forth is not necessarily the best resolution to the problem, but I hope it will help others to put forth ideas to fix the current augment system.


There were multiple reasons for allowing augments to be added to any item in the game. The "best" reason had to do with equalizing the playing field so that everyone can have an augment. For whatever reason instead of just adding an augment slot to every item, they now have augment kits that will give augment slots to items. Perhaps this was meant to be a way to "help" crafters. If every item had an augment, then crits would be worthless and crafters would not make a lot of money. This way, crafters can make money by making augment kits.

Current System

The current system works along a 6 tier system: MK1-MK-6 These have level ranges. Kits are made in one of these tiers. They can then be added to items to give items augment slots. The second way items get augment slots is by crits while crafting. However, the augment slots are now limited based on its level. A lvl 19 item, for example, will have a MK-2 slot limiting it to low level augments. However, you can use a higher level kit to change the augment slot to a different MK slot for higher level augments.

Crafting the augment kits requires two special materials. First are sliced tech parts. Most crafters don't have slicing and will need to have slicing on another character or buy from the GTN.

The second crafting material comes via destroying items. This means you have to make items and then destroy them to get the materials needed to make an augment kit. I know at the Mk-6 takes 10 of these materials so this means making 10 lvl 49ish items and then destroying them just to get materials to make an augment kit.

Problems with Current System

1. Tiered augment slots serve no rational purpose. There are two types of items, base and custom (orange). If you are going to use an orange item, you will be upgrading the slots. If you have an MK-2 slot, it makes no sense to upgrade to MK-3. Instead you will upgrade to a MK-6. Why? Because you won't have to upgrade the slot more than once. You can put level appropriate augments in the armor as needed.

Upgrading base items is pointless. First, why bother adding augments pre-50 anyway? Assuming you do, are you going to be using the same sniper rifle at level 37 as you are at 27? So even if you put in an augment slot, you are not going to bother upgrading it.

2. Crits on items are now mostly worthless. Crits gave an augment slot which people would pay a high premium for. Now, there is no reason to pay for them. This is easily evident in orange armor. Suppose you craft a level 19 orange Heavy Armor head gear. If you crit, you get an MK-2 slot. The person buying the orange head gear now has to spend additional money on the MK-6. There is now no reason to purchase orange gear with an augment compared to without. In both bases you will still have to buy the MK-6 kit so there is no difference in value between cit vs not crit orange items.

3. Augment kits have far less profitability compared with crit items. (Not something non-crafters care about, but it is a problem if you are a crafter that liked making some extra money.)

4. Creating augment kits is needlessly annoying. We have to create 10 items just to destroy them for parts? How does that make sense? It wastes time, money, and resources. (Besides, it is just a dumb idea. Do coat manufacturers make 10 coats and destroy them just to create an extra pocket? Sure this is a game, but it should have some resemblance to rational practices in the world.)

5. Augments and augment kits create crafter dependence because of the requirement for tech parts from slcing.

Possible Solutions

There are various approaches to resolving the problems creating by the new system. Below are some samples of this can be done based on various approaches.

A1. If you crit while creating the item, then the augment slot is MK-6. You can put any augment you want in it. This will eliminate the need to upgrade the slot and make crit items more desirable.
A2. Non-crit items can only have level appropriate augment kits added to them. This will force people to purchase augment kits as they level.
A3. Make the crafting material available by missions or from the crafting merchant. Making and destroying items is just pointless. A time/money sink can be added from either of these a way that is not annoying.

The combination of the first two will make naturally crited items more desirable and MK kits less than 6 will now be worth using. If you are a lvl 50, then you can just use the MK-6 if you want.

B1. Make it just one augment kit at 400 and put it in cybertech.
B2. Add in a mission to get the needed materials in slicing.
B3. Require that the crafting material in some way be difficult. Perhaps rare purples or lvl 6/7 crafting material. (This depends on how rare you want augments to be.)
B4. Crits still get augment slots and they work as they did in pre-1.3.

This system will remove the needles MK-1to MK-6 system. Currently, there is no real reason to use anything other than MK-6 because why are you augmenting non-orange gear pre lvl 50 anyway? This makes augment kits rarer and more expensive to produce. This will reduce the amount of augment kits available. This will push up the price for augment kits. It will also push up the desirability/price for crafted items that crit.


I am sure there are other and perhaps better solutions. However, the current system was poorly thought out and needs to be replaced by a sensible system ASAP. Any new system will be one that does at least two things:

1. Making naturally crit items more desirable for people to purchase than buying normal items and then using an augment kit. (This doesn't mean better, just that given the choice people will prefer buying the crit items over a normal item and a kit).

2. Make crafting augment kits less annoying. (This does not mean faster or cheaper, but it should not involve making items just to destroy them.)

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07.08.2012 , 01:03 PM | #2