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Onizuka's Guide To The LFG Tool ( Level 50 )

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07.07.2012 , 11:54 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Niytshade View Post
Well I agree with many points of the guide, however I do have to put in my opinion on one of them. The whole skipping thing and I'll provide an example. My smuggler is wearing RD-07A boots and pants, I've been trying to get replacements but havent been lucky yet. I could get Tionese pants but I need some more crystals so I que up for a HM flashpoint, my group says they want to skip everything because it "is a waste of time", if people want to skip bosses and not get currency how do you expect people to get the gear for the harder stuff? I don't mind space baring conversations since I've done most flashpoints on NM, but honestly if you don't want to do everything don't try to force it on your entire group, maybe there are others that want to do things..but apparently it seems to be "expected" to skip everything you can almost makes me feel like Im playing with a bunch of WoW elitists all over again
If you do not want to skip anything, just ask. I have never been in a group which refused to beat one extra boss or complete bonus objective. Some bosses are skipped because they are quite hard. If you can skip 4 bosses in Teral V it does not mean you have to.

Conversations are another story. Depending on FP it can be very very long to listen every line. Esseles, for example, can turn into 1h journey without spacebar smashing.