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New Custom Armor Schematics at Wrong Levels?

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New Custom Armor Schematics at Wrong Levels?

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07.03.2012 , 10:39 AM | #1
After collecting several of the new Synthweaving and Armormech schematics for custom belts, boots, bracers and gloves released with 1.3, some of them are for gear at levels lower than the main pieces of the same set. For example...

Fortified Phobium Boots are level 31 (Chestguard, Greaves and Headgear are 35)
Reinforced Chanlon Handgear is level 27 (Chestguard, Greaves and Headgear are 31)
Knight's Crusade Boots are level 23 (Chestguard, Greaves and Headgear are 27)
Warlord's Boots are level 15 (Chestguard, Greaves and Headgear are 19)
Traditional Brocart Gloves are level 43 (Vestments, Lower Robe and Headgear are 47)
Consular's Boots are level 15 (Vestments, Lower Robe and Headgear are 19)
Ablative Lacqerous Boots are level 35 (Vest, Leggings, Headgear and Waistcord are 39)
Ablative Laminoid Gloves are level 19 (Vest, Leggings and Headgear are 23)

However, some of the new Synthweaving schematics make gear that is at the same level as that established by the chest, leg and head pieces that existed prior to 1.3: Marauder's Gloves (19), Ablative Lacqerous Waistcord (39), Sentinel Elite Gloves (43), Resilient Polyplast Gloves (50), Sorcerer's Gloves (19), Anointed Zeyd-Cloth Gloves (50), and Fortified Electrum Handgear (50).

Chanlon Onslaught Boots are level 23 (Chestguard, Greaves and Helmet are 31)
Commando's Boots are level 15 (Chestguard, Greaves and Helmet are 19)
Polyplast Ultramesh Boots are level 47 (Jacket, Leggings, Headgear and Gloves are 50)
Polyplast Battle Gloves are level 43 (Jacket, Leggings and Headgear are 47)
Agent's Boots and Gloves are level 11 (Jacket and Pants are 15)

Those new Armormech schematics I've seen so far that are at the same level as the chest, legs and head of the same set include: Fortified Lacqerous Armguards (39), Gunslinger Elite Gloves (43), Polyplast Ultramesh Gloves (50) and Electrum Onslaught Belt (50).

Now, this is by no means a complete list, but I think from these it's easy to see some of the problems -- or at least inconsistencies -- that these off-level gear schematics cause.

1. Same-set items require different materials to craft. For example, the Polyplast Ultramesh Boots require materials similar to items in the Polyplast Battle set.

2. All set pieces are not available at the same level. This isn't so bad, except that in some cases it may mean getting an augment-slot crafted item earlier than the others, which then needs to have an augment kit upgrade to be in-line with the later-level pieces of the same set.

3. Confusion between sets. Looking back at the Polyplast Ultramesh and Polyplast Battle items, if an Ultramesh piece has the same level restriction and crafting materials required as a Battle set item, it's easy to mistake it for part of the wrong set. Again, this isn't a terrible thing, but it may mean some people buy or craft the wrong piece for a set and become disgruntled at having wasted resources on something they or their customer did not want.

It would make much better sense if all same-set items were at the same level and used the same materials as the rest of the pieces in the set.

Then again, as far as I know Armstech still has a level 50 custom pistol schematic that requires materials for a low-level custom pistol. Hopefully corrections to such crafting inconsistencies aren't such a low priority that they linger too long and cause more problems once they're fixed.
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