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1.3 HM EV and KP Seem Bugged To Anyone Else?

Temeluchus's Avatar

07.03.2012 , 09:35 AM | #1
Anyone else noticing bugged fights in HM EV and KP since patch 1.3 making it difficult or next to impossible to progress through the Operations?

Pre 1.3 my guild and I had no problems running HM at all and mostly 1 shot or 2 shot the bosses and blazed through the content, but after 1.3 we have been running into issues that are preventing us from moving through the Operation. It always seems to happen on our Monday Operations group,which coincidentally or not, the past 2 Mondays we've had severe lag and constant DCs affect servers and last night there was a 10-15 minute chat delay in all chat channels.

SM Operations remain a breeze and have no issues.

Bonethrasher will Swipe one or two people for 30-40k with no food buff frenzy or enraged per attempt and he'll also fling people across the room into the acid(much farther than usual when he knocks people around) when they are nowhere near the edge. We've tried everything to avoid the monster Swipes and his normal ones, from staying static and healing through damage to the person targeted staying static while we all get behind Bonethrasher, but in the end he always tosses either 1-2 people in the acid from the middle or one shots a tank and dps with his 30-40k swipe and we end up wiping at 15% or less.

The turrets going into EV seem to be respawning their health sometimes as well as large groups of adds,seriously about 30 of them, are spawning at one time throughout the battle followed by another 30 the next time and so on.

The composition of our Operations group has changed slightly on the Monday Operation night, but only in 1-2 dps so I didn't think that was affecting us. I'm just curious to see if other people have been noticing or running into these issues(some of which were around during the beginning and then "fixed" months ago).

Edit: Just to add so more credibility to the Monday bring server issues and problems theory: We tried to get the 10+ stats datacron on the Imperial Fleet after calling the Op and no matter what we tried,what strats we read or watched, advice from guildies who were there and had already done it, we could not get the last grapple point to activate so we could swing across and open the door.
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07.03.2012 , 09:42 AM | #2
We haven't ran into any issues when it comes to actually completing the operation, for KP NMM at least. We don't run EV HM anymore as our group is Black hole+ gear. However, we have noticed a strange bug/new mechanic with Bonethrasher.

He seems to 'pull' individuals in towards him. The range varies each time as well. Some times it's just a couple meters. Other times, he has pulled a ranged dps nearly across the room and right in to a swipe pattern. We did send in a ticket as we weren't sure whether this was some new terrible mechanic or a bug.

It wasn't raid ending, but it is a pain in the ***. We did have one of our raid members the other night continuously get disconnected every time he would log in during EC HM right before Kephess. Every time he was loading back in, it would disconnect him at about 85-90%. That did force us to cancel the last boss for that evening unfortunately.
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07.03.2012 , 09:45 AM | #3
Thanks,I forgot to mention that weird "pull",we've noticed it as well. It always seems to suck in the healers and a dps or two and they eat a huge Swipe.
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