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Crafting not worth for us non business types?

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Crafting not worth for us non business types?

Cathest's Avatar

07.01.2012 , 06:41 PM | #1
I picked up biochem cuz I heard I can make myself uber stims
But tbh, the money and time i spend on running around for mats
Or sending crews on missions hoping they bring the right mat, and then
Spending forever re-ing to get the blue/purple versions...I figure it's much better
To just buy what I need...
Ie: on my Mara, I get all my mods from comms besides hilt and crystals, but those I
Can usually buy blue versions easily for 5-7k from the artifices I know just from
Saying "Lf artifice" fleet...
Can anyone feel me?

But please, I don't want to miss this aspect of the game, help me like it, what am I doing wrong?
I get jelly when my guilds cook up nice mods, but I wonder if I'm not
Mass producing and selling, am I better off just buying what I need?

Tearsscream's Avatar

07.01.2012 , 10:50 PM | #2
I like to find what is worth something and going with that at the time. For example, right now it is slicing and synthweaving for me. When 1.2 hit, it was artifice and custom lightsabers.

I would go with what you enjoy. I enjoy playing the GTN and finding out what things are worth. Sometimes it is just gathering mats and selling them on the GTN. Some people couldn't care less about trying to work the market.

I think most crew skills are actually viable in their own right (excluding Armstech, I have never used it), it just takes time and effort. That effort might take RE'ing Black Hole quality items in the long run.

I think you can make it worth while, but then again, you can also just run lv50 dailies and buy the stuff you need from other players.
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abercromb's Avatar

07.01.2012 , 10:58 PM | #3
Any of the crew skills can be used to make money if you can be bothered to spend the time leveling them. But the main crafting ones are not cheap. People say synthweaving is a great way to make money but they forget the hundreds of recipes you buy and craft that no longer sell. Out of the 400+ ones I have about 5 sell and they are augments and crafting kits. For pure profit, go with slicing and send crew on missions for the boxes. Instant cash and if you crit you get a mission and the prices they sell for is high. The rest take effiort.