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Need lv50 raiding ops gear

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06.29.2012 , 06:44 PM | #1
I have a lv50 Shadow I have neglected in order to level up my alts. Occasionally I go back and do an op/raid with my guild. Presently I have a mix of battlemaster and recuit Survivor gear on. As one of the heads of my guild is also a shadow specced tank, he got me to respec to dps. I did but now I find I have some gear which might not be suitable for pve ops. He tells me I need to grind Belsavis to get lv50 Rakata relic earpieces, which I dont know where to get exactly, despite having googled them; obviously Balsavis but where after that. To be a truly successful Shadow tank or dps, what is the gear I need for either one please. Credits for me have always been short, and due to my neglect of character dont have a lot for my shadow, despite doing dailies.

Just want to ask what is the best gear for raiding and where do I get it; either for shadow tank or dps, but more importantly right now for dps.

Thanks to anyone able to help.

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06.29.2012 , 07:05 PM | #2
For a shadow DPS the best place to start would probably be to go for the Columi / Tionese Stalker sets by running HM Flashpoints / SM tier 1 operations along with the implants / earpieces mentioned in your post, the gear you have now should be ok to do that content with. It doesn't take all that long to get now, especially with the group finder and the removal of HM flashpoint lockouts and you can easily get a full set of Tionese gear within about two weeks as long as you get the weekly and daily missions done (as well as a few BH comms if you use the group finder).

Generally any light armour piece with "Stalker" on it would be what you're after for tier 1 at least. Tier 2 gear at the moment, for most classes is a complete mess in terms of itemisation so for black hole and campaign stuff try and stick to the 'Striker (Stalker)' pieces but don't be afraid to dip into other sets (even those of other classes if only for the enhancements).

Hope this helps a little.
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