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[Investigation] Is an Armstech just better off slicing?

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[Investigation] Is an Armstech just better off slicing?

Pantzakul's Avatar

06.27.2012 , 07:11 PM | #1
Hello Everyone,

I know there's a lot of bad feelings about Armstech in it's current iteration, but even though it costs more for Armstech to craft augment kits, we still have the Power, Crit and Surge augments. That said, all of those things require slicing materials. It seems like the only reason one would want investigation materials at endgame would be if you were lucky enough to be in a guild that has Denova on farm and would let you take the main or offhand for a chance to RE a barrel. Is there any other use for Ultrachrome? Or is an honest Armstechery enthusiast better off slicing?

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06.27.2012 , 11:31 PM | #2
I'm my guild's lead Armstech and I've got Scavenging and Slicing to support it, and Investigation on a supplier alt. Slicing provides more than enough credits to just buy the needed materials.
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06.28.2012 , 08:26 AM | #3
Thanks Venom, it looks like that's the smart thing to do. Too bad investigation isn't worth having.

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06.28.2012 , 08:41 AM | #4
I've kept investigation on my armstech alt with diplomacy but only because my class has good companion bonuses in those areas and it doesn't leave fleet to gather. I always take slicing (and gathering professions) on whatever character I'm using to quest in the open world because the open world nodes are where slicing (and gathering)makes their credits (or supply my crafters). On characters that stay on fleet and craft I take mission skills based on their companion skills to get the rare materials/gifts/schematics to supply everyone else.

For the record I'm an alt-o'holic and an OCD Crafter with 1 character crafting in each of the 6 professions and 2 other characters for material farming.