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Fun times for new players on Ord Mantell on 7/4/2012 (JULY 4th)

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Fun times for new players on Ord Mantell on 7/4/2012 (JULY 4th)

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06.28.2012 , 06:30 AM | #1
If you're new to the Ebon Hawk, or would like to try out a RP-PvE server, the July 4th might be a good day to create a trooper or a smuggler.

There's an event going on all day JULY 4TH, but mainly 4p to 6p, to "bring relief items" to the embattled population of Ord Mantell. A lot of higher level characters will be giving away "military supplies" (gear, consumables) to lower level characters.

Additionally there will be more-or-less organized events that all individuals of all classes are welcome to attend.

*Wildlife Preservation Safari* - Troopers will be leading a Safari to the Heroic Area on Volcano Island in an attempt to cull the herd of so called 'monsters' on the island that threaten nearby settlements.

*The Hunt for Enlightenment* - Jedi will be helping locals uncover lost artifacts on Ord Mantell including some very precious Holocrons that are rumored to be in the area

*Have a Drink on Us!* - Smugglers will be doing what they do best! Drinking in the Cantina, swapping stories and of course brokering those less than legit deals they are known for!

All this on top of distributing aid to all comers to the newly established 'Relief Station' just north of the Ord Mantell spaceport. (Chosen for its proximity to our cargo bays as well as the picturesque vista at the top of the stairs!)

The event does run ALL DAY but peak time is expected to be between 4-6pm EST

This event is being organized by one guild (Republic Order) but many other guilds and a lot of independent folks seem to be jumping on board too. Everyone is invited and it's a good place to start a new character for an afternoon and make some friends.