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Group Finder (opening thoughts)

Vladnar's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 11:35 PM | #1

Spent evening 1 doing three fp's i was likely never to see otherwise and they were awesome. Looking forward to spending many nights now going over heroic fps time and again for the darn sheer enjoyment of them before looking to get back into ops, but not really sure how many players will go ops this way, they do require quite the coordinated effort which is good. I see players using it just for the fp's and thats probably more sensible, bring all your alts through this way and use the fp's at current level will be awesome.

I can see this having to go cross server over time to generate enough players in the queue etc but for now its completely awesome and personally im so very chuffed theyve brought this in.....i like the aspect of keeping it same server and would happily queue for quite some time to keep it this way.



ps, the changes youve made to allow not so hi-spec computers run this well, can i say it still looks completely awesome but runs smooth as a button and its just really great. TOP JOB ALL