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No to stat sticks!

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06.26.2012 , 10:13 AM | #131
A sage is a master of the force. No other Jedi class can use the force effectively long range or heal and you want to use your lightsaber? Might as well go any other Jedi class. Reasonable sages understand going into the class that they are masters of force combat and not that Starkiller " I have the strongest force powers while being able to take tons of damage and doing massive damage with my extremely effective dual reverse wield savers, lolz!" stuff. This is an mmo and thus you are a mage and your lightsaber is a wand you can whack someone with of they get too close.

Don't mean to be harsh, but I've seen this rediculous and unreasonable complaint too many times and it's getting rather irksome.

Completely disagree with OP.

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06.26.2012 , 12:43 PM | #132
Sages are force wizards. No melee.

PS: No Gandalf excuses. You aren't Gandalf.

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06.26.2012 , 06:39 PM | #133
Sages are fine! If you want a mixture the best you can get is a balance shadow and the do extremely well in both PVP and PVE...Sorry bud, but you are just clawing at the air for no purpose.

Strength without sensitivity is aggression
The force without light is darkness

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06.26.2012 , 11:23 PM | #134
Quote: Originally Posted by ArlindoGMNeto View Post
As a sage, i hate how my lightsaber is just used as a stat stick. We are force users, right, but we´re JEDI nonetheless.

My sugestion: give us the tools to fight efectively in melee.
A little boost in health, a few talents and skills (players will have to sacrifice some healing or balance talents) should do the trick.

Or maybe lowering the base dmg on the force skills. Then players would have to choose to be a healer, or a healer, "pure force" or a melee hybrid.

The "pure force" sage would be more like a controller, and not a heavy dps like the current state. That would fix the WZ crowded with sages / sorcs problem.

The hybrid would be a controller that engages on melee, fighting with a lightsaber, but also helps the team using crowd control skills and debuffs.

The healing spec is good as it is.

These are just ideas, you guys feel free to add, improve, etc.

The main idea is to get rid of the "hey, im a jedi, i have a lightsaber but im just hold it in my hand and spam rocks at you".
You know right after I hit lvl 20 I realized that my saber was very very low on damage. When I hit lvl 21 or 22 a cpl weeks ago I was talking to a Guildy about why the hell are we haveing Glow sticks when they do the least amount of damage and seems to just turn and off,

I came the conclusion that our batting sticks only do 1 thing that can do very good, and that that it bats off some of the blaster fire. It takes a bit of the blaster fire away from us, otherwise their is now reason for us Sages to have a Saber lol.

Btw, my Guildy said us sages have sabers because they look cool. I guess i'll take that lol. with all the characters i'm makeing i'll be makeing plenty of Saber Warriors out there.
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