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Thank you Bioware for 1.3 -Caeliux

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Thank you Bioware for 1.3 -Caeliux

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06.26.2012 , 09:04 PM | #1
Few things I love about 1.3,

1. After your 4 man/8man is done and you load outta the match, your still in the same group! Amazing feature there and so happy it finally was added.

2. Graphics look crisp in pvp, also love that my shadow project is now the same as shock on assassin far as the timing on the damage. I notice also a increase in my burst damage, really liking my shadow right now!

3. Notice alot of guild mates active today, was great to see a activity on Fatman in general and in guild chat, and in our guild vent.

I see the subs coming in due to 1.3, this is great news.

All in all 1.3 for me today has been great, and I look forward to more as time goes, thanks Bioware you have a happy camper.

-Caeliux of Fatman