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Consular Companions Vs Inquisitor Companions

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Consular Companions Vs Inquisitor Companions

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06.26.2012 , 08:37 AM | #21
I have not done Sith Inquisitor yet, yet I do have some comments on the consular companions against other Repub companions.

Qyzen. He thinks you are the direct representative of his god. Super Cool. Also when he offer's you a wookiee pelt for Nadia Priceless. Creams Lord Scourge (JK Melee Tank) in the interesting/coolness/fun to hang around department. Tanno Vik is pretty cool and your time to be just a bad boy for the trooper story line, but still I prefer Qyzen.

Theran. Holiday. Enough said.

Iresso. I liked his story line although I admit I must be in the minority as nobody mentions it. T7 is probably cooler because he is your own personaly R2-D2. But lets be honest in the ranged tank department NOBODY beats M1-4X for coolness and fun to hang out with. I simply can't get enough of M1-4X.

Nadia. I will compare her to love interests as she is the same class as Kira that is no problem, and do you really need to compare her to Yunn? I like Kira's Bad Girl Vibe, but Nadia is the sweetest, nicest, and most edearing of the romance options. Bringing Dorn out of her shell is cool and all, and capturing the heart of the bad girl with kira has it's novelty, but Nadia is the one we would all really want to marry. Plus her race is quite unique in the game. Just a hands down winner IMO

Zenith. Who doesn't love this guy. Aric can really get on your nerves, and Lt. Rusk is like a cardboard cutout of "Republic salty Non-com, One each" But Zenith with his angry moral compass and his not so veiled barbs against jedi, as well as his smug assurance of his own ability to kick *** is the true winner here.
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