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Minefield bug issues

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06.25.2012 , 02:26 PM | #1
So Saturday night I did a PUG Denova story mode for the BH comms since my guild has been trying to get through Hard Mode and so I haven't been doing story mode the past few weeks.

We took 3 tries with Toth and Zorn, 3-4 tries on the tanks, and then proceeded to spend well over an hour on the minefield.

Now at first we were having trouble because the tank had never been past the tanks and had to learn the puzzle and it's understandable to take a few tries as people try to learn mechanics that are completely new to them.

However on several separate attempts, after he had figured out the puzzle, we had issues where we'd be doing well, and then on the third or fourth mine he would go down to find the droid he would seemingly find it because the game kicked him back to the tower, but no droid would spawn. At least this once this happened on the final mine. As you can imagine we ran out of time and the turrents enraged. On another attempt we cleared the field, but when someone went to hit the panel on the far side to turn the minefield off they blew up. Things like this just artificially extended the encounter. In a hilarious turn of events we managed to one shot Kephes who we decided to give a shot because what the hell, but otherwise we were gonna quit after.

Last night with my guild we were on the minefield in HM for the first time, and the same thing happened on the last mine where the tank was kicked out of the hologram but the droid didn't spawn. That was sadly our best attempt and we didn't clear the encounter, though we learned enough about the mechanics that I think we'll have it down soon.

The point is that while failing because of a lack of coordination or gear is one thing and is totally on us the players, clearing an encounter almost completely with no issues and then wiping because of a bug which causes us not to meet the enrage timer on the turrets is another issue entirely and is particularly frustrating.

In fairness, in the other times I've done the encounter on Story mode I've never seen that issue appear so it may be another case of increased server load causing problems, but regardless it's frustrating and I'd like to see these issues addressed as soon as possible.
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06.25.2012 , 11:39 PM | #2
I've had the issue your talking about as normally I'm the puzzle guy in denova. After the first couple of times it happened I figured out what was going on.

I play an assassin tank, and when I became a holograph I sometimes tried to use force speed to find the droids quicker. The moment I hit the spell, it kicks me back to the tower. I tried this again with a different spell and the same thing happened. So it seems that if whoever is in the tower does anything besides walk and rotate the camera they'll get kicked back. Kinda like the turrets in collocoid and kaon.

As for the person blowing up, it's quite possible they hit a lag spike when moving towards the panel and accidently walked over an active mine while thinking they were in the clear. Also, you can not run from the far right mine to the panel, you have to end up on one of the other 3 panels at the end of the puzzle. Idk if that was your issue, but thought I should bring it up anyways.

Just my personal observations.
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06.25.2012 , 11:46 PM | #3
Good to know about using an ability. Guy in my guild was a Shadow tank, but the first time I saw it it was a guardian. I'll definitely pass on the observations though.
In update 2.9 the game will simply uninstall itself for you.