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Gunnery Commando + HM EC

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06.25.2012 , 01:13 PM | #11
I have been rotating through our Commandos (especially this week) and found some were vastly out-performing the others. I think it is more of a skill thing than anything else but 1.3 should help soften up that gap. I've noticed that our highest hitting Commando was moving the least during Kehpess but took more healer attention while some of our lower hitting didn't need any healer assistance at all. There is balance that some of them still need to find which will come with time and practice. Our two highest hitting have run the Op the most out of the others so it just comes down to making sure the others get more chances to learn the fights too.

My concern about Commando/Arsenal specs in the instance was dispelled last Saturday where in one Baradium Bomber drop we DPS'd the walker from 100% to 51% in one go on Hard Mode. We actually had to slow our DPS. XD

For your curiosity, our DPS was (by AC/Spec) Gunslinger/Sharpshooter, Shadow/Balance, Vanguard/Assault, and Commando/Gunnery. Yes, our Gunnery was hitting the top of the charts frequently.

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06.25.2012 , 01:54 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Hxxr View Post
The gap in dps however probably comes from the need to switch targets frequently (or Zorn dispelling himself, which effectively is the same here)

Sadly as long as you're assigned to dps Zorn this isn't an option as losing Incindiary Missile debuffs at each leap just rips a hole in your heat management.
Uh, what? I haven't heard anything about Zorn dispelling himself. And you aren't really switching targets on Zorn+Toth or Vorgath. Not sure how long the Grav/Tracer debuff lasts, but I bet it's long enough that if you're careful you can keep it up during the Defensive Systems phase of Stormcaller/Firebrand by tossing an occasional shot at the hovertank in between hits on the adds. You can start stacking debuffs on Kephess' walker while you're waiting for the bomb to go off, and you should only have to restack on Kephess once at most (after purple circle)

Granted, it's not as braindead simple as keeping a Gunslinger's armor debuff on the target, but should still be quite manageable.

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06.25.2012 , 02:57 PM | #13
I haven't been parsing lately (planning to do a long one tonight on an ops dummy to compare to 1.3), but we run 2 gunnery commandos in HM EC and seem to be ok. For what it's worth, everything said about needing to stay as stationary as possible is right on the money. Here's my subjective impressions (since I haven't been parsing since I am secretly afraid that I am horrible).

Toth and Zorn: Me and the gunslinger are always on zorn at more or less max range and toth is beyond us so we never get fearful. As long as he doesn't move much on the tank swap we never really need to stop. Half the time we never even get a red circle underneath us which is nice.

Tanks: DPS goes on the tanks. Always. If I'm on the ground I lose so much DPS it's not even funny.

Minefield: As mentioned it's easy to get a little antsy if you're group is having to really push to down the droids in time, and the temptation to push a little too hard is very real. I'm biochem and use an on use power relic so I like to stagger Relic > adrenal > relic (one per droid for the first three droids) for that little extra damage. Reserve power cell before a Full Auto when you're on either side of the edge of top tier regen also works wonders for extending the life of your ammo pool as long as it's up. I try to save Recharge Cells for when I've burned completely through the pool.

Kephes: Location Location Location. If there's one thing Denova has really taught me, especially HM denova, it's to abuse my 30m range as much as possible. If you're positioned so that you can hit the bombers no matter where they spawn that's really helpful for getting the damage started. Also, if you are lucky enough not to be the person who has to run under the walker, you can get your armor debuff on the walker while you wait so when its time to actually hit him you don't have to worry about ramp up, which in my experience is what hurts ammo so much. Hitting the walker with a grav round, waiting half a second for the ammo and doing it again can get the needed armor debuffs/Charged Barrel/CoF procs with much better ammo issues.

This need to spend ammo for setups, and do so in a very limited window, is what causes the ammo issues. If you can open with Demo Round > FA > HiB because you already have the ammo debuffs and Charged Barrel stacks, and CoF proc ready to go from much slower Grav/Tracer spam you're in a much better situation. This doesn't apply to the bomber unfortunately, and that's why the back to back burn phases are so harmful if you don't get lucky on Crit procs for cell charger. In this sense the upcoming ammo change will probably help quite a lot.

On the droids in the minefield and the bombers in the Kephes encounter, it really comes down to trusting the rest of your DPS to put out the needed DPS to kill them in the required time without you having to burn through every spec of ammo you have. If you have that trust then you'll be more level headed in ammo usage and your sustained DPS will be much higher and there won't be issues. Especially with up coming changes to ammo management and Charged Barrel (requiring less grav round spam to get 5 stacks of charged barrel). If you get a little panicky, or don't trust your fellow DPS to pull their own weight, then you burn through all your ammo too soon and next thing you know you're sitting at 2 ammo. Sure you can use recharge cells but if it happens again on the next Droid/Bomber then you're kinda screwed and you're out of ammo.

Also, seriously, moving too much will kill your DPS.
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06.25.2012 , 06:04 PM | #14
I never run out of ammo. In fact I only have to use recharge cells after the first walker phase and after the third bomber.
Walker because I want to see wether our dps can handle it or if i need to blow my ammo on second and third phase as well.
Bomber for obvious reasons.
Heck I hit 3 bard of regen at least 10 times in every fight but my crits and the free HIB bring it back up in no time.

As for the tanks: we always put a sage or commando to run around and take the missiles/plasma arcs. I was still not that far behind the watchman sent and assault vanguard like on every other fight.