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Star Wars + DirecTVtoPC = error 9000...

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Star Wars + DirecTVtoPC = error 9000...

BlackEaglee's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 08:35 PM | #1
Interesting bug, If I load up my DirecTVtoPC app to watch something I've DVR'd on my second screen while Star Wars is running. I get an almost instant disconnect with a 9000 error. If I leave the application off I have no problems.

I'm wondering if its a spike in network traffic it doesn't like, I notice a lot of people complaining about the 9000 error. Could also be that certain apps are interacting with the network card or the game senses a spike in the network and drops the 9000.

Thought it was odd, was nice watching and playing, guess I'll have to stick to one at a time