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Was Revan handled right? (Honest Opinion)

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Was Revan handled right? (Honest Opinion)

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06.24.2012 , 12:12 PM | #41
Ah Forgon, you have misunderstood, there IS a personality that was around WAY before the novel was even thought up:

Given the information from the KotOR source-book and the personality that the canon light side female portrays in the game itself, we know full well what she was meant to be like, she was a very guilt-ridden character, due to the amount of care she has for others, seen as when she couldn't NOT go and fight the Mandalorians once she had seen the Genocide of the Cathar, then came the amount of friends she lost in battles like Serroco and Dxun and then Malachor V itself where she was simply forced into using the MSG due to the turning tide of the battle, we know she lived with nightmares for the rest of her life and that she allowed the entire Jedi Order to practically abuse her and use her to vent all of their frustrations:

"Like a murderer walking out of a courtroom through the crowds, she was jeered, insulted and blamed for every death, every battle and everything that the Revanchists had ever done.
Even those who called themselves her friend, who adored her and loved her due to her bonds. They threw some of the worst abuse at her, 'liar!' 'traitor!' and one that stopped her in her tracks, 'Sith scum!'."

"She walked out of the temple in tears, emotionally shattered, she had returned to the Jedi hoping to find redemption for her actions, some comfort or wise words to ease the pain of that long war, But
now she walked out with nowhere to go and no one to turn to.
Then she realised that Revan, whom she saw as a hero and even a brother, was the person who had torn apart her life."

"She hadn't slept in days, weeks maybe months, time was irrelevant now for the images were still freshly burned into her mind, the fields ablaze warming her skin, the trenches bathing her in blood and a distinct stench of corpses friend and foe alike still a fresh scent in her nostrils.
The sickness in her stomach was something she suspected would never go away and then the screams, the haunted screams tearing her mind apart as her allies were violently screaming for help until death.
She was a walking wound, an emotional devastation, one of which she could never get over, perhaps she was the biggest casualty of the war.
Even worse, she thought the pain was given deservedly, and that thought had deafened her to the force itself, never again to recover till her dying thoughts."

I have no quarrel with her dying per se, it is why she died and how.

It's pretty clear you have your interpretations of all of this, so I'll just leave it Arnem Ixem.

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06.24.2012 , 12:18 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Forgon View Post
Between Exile and Revan fans, this is why I was hoping neither would get more than a definite gender and alignment in the game.
The above-quoted statement sums up the whole issue for me. I'm not going to bother trotting out point-by-point arguments, because let's face it: the Revan novel isn't worth the effort. It's a tie-in storyline for a video game franchise.

But it's a needless tie-in storyline. Whether you think the novel was well-crafted or not, it's pretty obvious that the purpose of the entire exercise is to beef up the Sith Emperor in prospective gamers' imaginations. As Rayla said, Bioware essentially sacrificed the fond memories of KoTOR fans just to hype their new game -- SWTOR, which, apart from sharing the same fictional setting, has no intrinsic connection to the KoTOR franchise. There's no reason to inject Revan into a story that takes place 300 years later. There's no reason to (effectively) retcon the protagonists of the first two games into by-contrast insignificance.

Would it have been lame if Bioware simply said that Meetra and Revan never found what they were looking for, and came back to live happily ever after? Yeah, sure; that would have sounded implausible. Would it have been lame simply to leave Revan's and Meetra's story open-ended -- to imply by omission that they flew off into the great unknown and nothing was ever heard of them again? Yeah. Some fans might've been mildly disappointed.

But I gotta tell you: as much as I enjoy playing my Knight in SWTOR, I'm a little peeved that Bioware went to such lengths to expand his fictional importance at the KotOR protagonists' expense. It feels like Bioware resorted to a cheap gimmick to trick me into knee-jerk brand loyalty -- like George Lucas throwing gratuitous allusions to original-trilogy characters all over the prequels. (See this clip for a hilarious expansion on that topic.)

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06.24.2012 , 12:40 PM | #43
Yes, I do. You need to read the revan book to understand why he became such a sad guy.
Now go do the foundry flashpoint... Where Revan Is like the greatest Jedi ever. He uses all force powers- just like we did in KOTOR!
and I think the voice actor was perfect.
But we need to realize he is dead. Obi-wan Kenobi disappeared into thin air during his death, and I know for a FACT Revan was more powerful them Obi. I'm sure he can do the same.
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06.24.2012 , 02:41 PM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by Temeluchus View Post
Been a while since I ran BP and the Foundry, but wasn't it Revan's droids would kill anyone with Sith heritage or a drop of Sith blood, for a lack of better term? HK then estimates it to be about 97% of the Imperial population but he conveniently leaves out any defectors to the Republic or those who may be Republic citizens and happen to have ancient Sith lineage going back decades,generations or hundreds of years.

If I'm remembering that correctly, it makes Revan a lot nuttier and dangerously close to falling again or full on Dark Side without even being aware of it.
And Revan's plan was to deploy the droids on Imperial worlds. In spite of Kris Tabori and Jeff Bennett doing the voices of HK and Revan, Foundry was still hack writing. One of only a few times that BioWare has dropped the ball when it comes to storytelling.
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06.24.2012 , 03:22 PM | #45
I'm just praying that the Jedi Master that escaped was a prisoner that got brain wiped into believing he's Revan, and the real Revan is somewhere out there. Or something like that.

I'd much prefer if they made Revan uber vague and mysterious as to what he is/his motivations as oppose to him being a FP boss, considering how, you know, he could be literally anything a la KoToR.

This whole "Light Side = Canon" thing really irks me.
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