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What If I dont want to transfer to another server?

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What If I dont want to transfer to another server?

Rebelcharm's Avatar

06.23.2012 , 11:34 AM | #1
Am I eventually going to be forced too transfer to another server? I really don't feel like hassling with name changes and also when it says reform guild does that mean my guild will be gone and I will have to find four unguilded players to make another one? I really enjoy the people on my server and hopefully will not have to move. Are they shutting certain servers down is another question of mine. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

Notannos's Avatar

06.23.2012 , 11:50 AM | #2
Hello Rebelcharm,

We ask that discussion in regards to character transfers and inquiries regarding the character transfer process be addressed in our main sticky thread found in General Discussion: Free Character Transfers Now Available On Select Servers

This will help us to consolidate discussion on this topic. We encourage discussion on the forums regarding the game, so feel free to join the discussion in the provided thread.