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Possible Bug, Underworld Trading while in space, Pending Box

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Possible Bug, Underworld Trading while in space, Pending Box

Noctryssa's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 06:55 PM | #1
Hi Everyone

I have a encountered a rather annoying little bug, which now even prevents me from playing further.

When an underworld mission ended while I was engaged in space battle, the reward would be sent to the pending reward box. The bug now doesnt allow me to open the pending box for those underworld rewards. No regular method will open the pending box for those, no relog, no reloadui, nothing. anything else that is sent to the pending box i can pick up just fine, only those underworld mission stay in there.

only one thing was able to get these rewards: if i did the same mission again!
when the same mission was done aagain, i got both rewards and my pending box was 1 reward smaller.

Now here is where the **** really starts: today i finished 4 underworld mission while in space combat, and 4 is the limit of the pending box. now i am prohibited of interacting with doors, npcs, crew skills etc. anything which could lead to the creation of a new reward is now commented by the error "you must accept some of your pending rewards before doing that. you are not eligible for this conversation"

now i have no way of getting those rewards out of the box, and i cant play anymore.

i hope this gets fixed soon, and maybe if a bioware employee reads this, can get me some help
Char: Noctryssa, Sith Warrior
Server: Ahto City

has anyone encountered this problem aswell? maybe even with another trade?

please help ^^