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EV-HM (8 man) Bugged/glitchy

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06.22.2012 , 09:30 AM | #1
My 8 man group ran EV HM last night and it was super glitchy from the start. After an initial wipe on the turrets (that took out both healers within 2 seconds when neither had cast a single heal OR a HOT ) we ALL rezzed back at the entrance and came back in together and the turrets were red and glowing. It was a one-shot wipe for all. We all rezzed at the entrance again, reset the instance, and started over. After quickly taking down the turrets (as we normally do), we moved on to Annihilation Droid. His sound was messed up, and it was not giving any audio cues before the missle salvo. We dealt with it by watching him crouch and wound up beating him anyway.

Moving on.

We quickly cleared the trash mobs on the way to Gharj, then proceeded to the boss. On our 1st attempt, Gharj spawned an island after his 1st "frenzy" but no steps to such island. We remained in place. After his 2nd "frenzy" steps appeared, leading to the island. When we got there, it disappeared. Full wipe.

When we entered again, the speeder wasn't there and the trash mobs were back. We all exited area and returned. Same thing. Exit again, return, speeder is there, we head to Gharj. We begin the fight and he bugs again and remains on the first island. We remain there even after the path spawns, since 2 paths spawned (one to an island that would soon disappear into the lava, and one heading from there, back to our position. We were able to get Gharj to 23% before we had to move to the last island. On the way to the last island, he spawned twice as many adds, remained in his frenzy stomp, and killed us all.
Rez. Enter. See above for speeder/trash mob issue. Rinse, repeat. Rinse, repeat. When we finally made it back to Gharj, he bugged out on the first island as before, but we were able to get him down to 8% before moving to the next island. We downed him, collected loot, and moved on. We pretty much called it a night after clearing the trash before the pylons, because at this point, we had been at the run for 3 hours.

We enjoy fighting the bosses, but shouldn't need to fight the game as well.
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06.22.2012 , 12:05 PM | #2
Sounds like an exhilerating night XD

I was thinking the same thing till i realized our pugs were true pugs haha

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06.22.2012 , 12:08 PM | #3
Multiple people recently are reporting various bugs on EV, it has made me start to wonder if the most recent Tuesday patch did something that messed with it. EV has always seemed to be like a card tower, if they change or touch one thing anywhere near the code of it, the whole thing comes crumbling down on them.
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