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So you want to start running HM flashpoints?

Fubarge's Avatar

06.21.2012 , 07:55 PM | #11
your sarcasm senses must be faded, i too have tons of friends to play with. I also like 2 pug and meet new players to run with. I put some thought and care into my gear, and i apreciate others who do the same.

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06.21.2012 , 10:59 PM | #12
To be honest if people just hit 50 and say i wanna go straight into a HM i wouldnt be too impressed or run with em that would put a lot of strain on the others to carry em on the harder fps or an ops if they want to do a hm show dedication to wanting to do it and gear up with the implants earpieces relics first if not all at least a couple so i think hey they are trying to get better ill help them out. No offense but giving advice of a "quick way" to start hms im not too impressed with yes its possible but very bad form for a player to expect the other team memvers to carry them through a hm so they can get some gear that to be honest they dont deserve as they contributed little to the HM because of lacking dedication to dailies. none of us like doing em but we do as we gear up in preparation for those ops we love.

Again just being honest here but noone really wants to run for example lost island with a green kitted 50 thats just a fail waiting to happen lol and if on the unlilely chance they suceeded noone out there can tell me they would be happy for a brand new 50 in green gear get a rakata chestpiece lol. On a related note i have done the hm LI with a tank not too well geared however he had put in the effort to get relics and implants because of this yes it was harder but who cares? the difference between my tanking friend and a player coming to me with greens... effort and now he has a chestpiece from the HM as we disnt need it ourselves

point is we have all been new 50s bud dont start telling tje ones getting there now quick fixes and shortcuts its just gonna put unnecessary strain on us to drag their *** through a hm i know you had the best intentions with your post but think about the other effects.

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06.22.2012 , 09:10 AM | #13
[QUOTE=Aurojiin;4705544]I find this especially bemusing, seeing as you're the person promoting unnecessary gear elitism instead of being willing to give players the benefit of the doubt and let them prove themselves.[QUOTE]

This makes me laugh. Elitism? I doubt asking people to be in QUEST GEAR can be defined as elitism. If you apply for a job and dont get it because you didnt go to high school is that elitism as well?

and to this 'Exactly, and this is my point. Saying you won't run with people because they're in recruit gear is stupid and self-defeating. I've seen players fail the enrage on HK in FE when geared in full Columi. If a player is good, Recruit gear is more than sufficient, and if they're bad, it's pretty unlikely that the difference between Recruit gear and daily mods is going to save the day."

Players who put thought into their gear are not likely to be bad. Players who get pvp gear and hav 100's of stats wasted on expertise either dont know better, or dont care, and are more likely to be bad.

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06.22.2012 , 11:54 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Fubarge View Post
Players who put thought into their gear are not likely to be bad. Players who get pvp gear and hav 100's of stats wasted on expertise either dont know better, or dont care, and are more likely to be bad.
You do realize that the cost of expertise relative to other stats got nerfed in 1.2 right? So it became feasible to use recruit gear for early PvE. Stat-wise, and you could probably check this out yourself if you cared to, a full set of recruit gear vs a full set of orange + 22 armoring/mods/enh is comparable. There is actually very little trade off.

In fact, someone that dumps all their quest gear for recruit, in my mind, is someone that's looking at improving themselves. Grinding for 22 purple mods blindly is an indication of someone being a lemming and not actually taking the time to look at and compare gear.

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06.22.2012 , 12:04 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Aurojiin View Post
Are you for real? If you can't do tier 1 HM flashpoints in recruit gear, you are bad. That's not elitism, it's just a simple truth. If you can't, you don't understand your class, and you don't understand how to play.
I agree. While gearing my Jugg as a reroll to CKN, I did 8 man HM EV and KP in full recruit, with multiple other people in the raid being in the same. If someone can't do HM FP in recruit, something is wrong with the player, and not their gear.
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