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Effect of transfers on the GTN/market?

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Effect of transfers on the GTN/market?

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06.20.2012 , 11:42 AM | #21
Finally got around to checking the prices of mats (well, at least green ones) on my server... and they are even more rediculously overpriced than they used to be.

(seriously, don't think I saw anything less than 600 per. Most were at least 1k per, with many up to 1.5k per. Is anybody actually stupid enough to pay that much?)

I threw a handful of stacks of 99 (of the "garbage" stuff I have, nextor crystals, etc. that are leftovers from churning out augmented lightsabers/lvl 19 armors, same with the leftover stufff from making augmented custom-buld stuff) up for substantially less, (but still way more than I would ever consider paying for them), and within a couple hours they had been purchased by the same people selling for those rediculous prices. I can only assume they're trying to hold the market hostage/corner it or something, and don't realize that even if people are too busy to gather themselves, they can just run missions for their mats at FAR cheaper prices?

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06.20.2012 , 12:09 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by GnatB View Post
Just wondering what effect the transfers have had on the market that other people have noticed? I was on a destination server, and what I've noticed:

From what I've seen, as a general rule:
Anything that's more than minimal effort has plummeted in price (i.e. spaceship parts)
Anything that's slightly hard to learn/make has dramatically increased in price.
Haven't really been paying all THAT much attention to mat prices (yet). I've always been almost entirely self sufficient in this regards. I haven't noticed that my "extras" seem to sell fairly quickly.

(well, profit vs. old mat prices, anyways. From what I saw it looked like mando prices were still sitting at about 10k per though.)

Augmented crafteable sales in general have gone way up. I've doubled prices on most items and am still having trouble keeping up with demand. (still surprised there aren't more low level characters churning this stuff out while they can. I thought my original prices were ridiculously overpriced, now it's ridiculously overpriced x 2)

22 artifact augments themselves have gone WAY up. Still trying to find a good pricepoint. Already doubled my pre-transfer asking price (where the things sold slow enough that my mat gathering was just a bit ahead of sales), and they still sell out immediately. Checked the mat prices, and no idea if they're actually going for that much, but they're priced at just about what I'm selling the finished augments for.

Blue armormech armor seems to have taken a bit of a jump, but so far I've been able to keep up with the increased demand.
Very few if any things have dramatically increased in price.

Very common items have certainly decreased in price and gotten to a level that it makes no sense to make more of them. Expected.

Some mats are slightly cheaper, but most prices are around the same for mats. Manda is around 9-10k still, slightly lower than it was before the transfer.

But crafted purples and 22 purple augments are selling for WAY lower prices. The mats cost 80-95k and the augments are selling for 50-55k! I've generally listed my augments (and sold as many as I can stock usually) around 80-90k, but I just can't compete with all of the 50-55k augments atm.

Purple and augmented craftables have a noticeably stronger demand, but it hasn't really been to the point yet where I can't keep up. Price generally does not have a lot to do with it. If I list something for 125k vs 80k vs 90k within a week, the chance that it sells seems to be the same as long as there isn't an identical item on the GTN undercutting me.

What blue armor are you selling? I've generally been able to sell a small amount of lower level blue crafted gear, but I haven't even tried selling blue crafted lvl 49-50 gear. Does it actually sell?
Splaktar - Mercenary - Jedi Covenant

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06.20.2012 , 12:32 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by EricJS View Post
Since I'm not grinding as many gifts as I was before the transfer, I'm doing a lot more slicing for missions. Even there, the prices are chaotic, and significantly lower than the pre-transfer prices I'm used to. 340 artifact slicing missions are already below 25K, and that's the highest price. Heck, I've picked up every type of 340 mission except slicing for the default GTN price at least once. OK, I could be picking up investigation, and I've actually sold a few of those for 12K or so, but my backstock on those is so high I'm not interested in buying more hoping to turn them around for a profit.
340 slicing missions were down 10-15k after the transfers came in (to around 35-45k), but within only a few days now they are all over 60k.

I've picked up a lot of Investigation missions at or under the default price though. UT, slicing are both higher than normal. Scavenging is about the same.
Splaktar - Mercenary - Jedi Covenant

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06.20.2012 , 12:44 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by parmie View Post
Pretty similar to most from what I've seen on Red Eclipse after transferring from Arkanian Legacy.

Example - Alien cubes: there is one seller trying for 1m credits, and all prices below this down to about 250k.
I haven't checked the cubes. But I looked at the Dalarian crafted armor, which I never even had a reason to sell on my old server (no demand). The armor pieces themselves were listing for 25-30k, sometimes 50k! The biometric alloys were 100k and the purple cell mat was 50k. I couldn't understand why the purple, more rare mat was half the price. And of course I didn't craft any items that took 250k in mats and sold for 25-50k!!!
Splaktar - Mercenary - Jedi Covenant

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06.20.2012 , 02:44 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Splaktar View Post
What blue armor are you selling? I've generally been able to sell a small amount of lower level blue crafted gear, but I haven't even tried selling blue crafted lvl 49-50 gear. Does it actually sell?
My sythweaver sells the last non lvl 49 set or so defensive (i.e. redoubt) heavy & either critical or overkill stopping at lvl 45. (I've learned the offensive medium and defensive light schematics in that range too for alts, but only make it to order. Not enough GTN slots, with all the orange & purple lv 49 stuff I have up. I suspect there's probably more money in the medium sales, but, well, my mains a guardian tank, so supporting the tanks.)

My armormech sells defensive & offensive heavy, and offensive (which is basically the same as healing) medium in approximately the same level range. Hven't yet started serious work on learning purples, was holding off until increased odds of 1.2.. then holding off until I'd at least get augment kit parts back in 1.3...

And yeah, I assumed from the getgo that blue lvl 49 stuff wouldn't sell (people would just wait to save up (if needed) to get purple) and figured people would just skip the lvl 47 stuff as "almost there" mentality.

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06.20.2012 , 04:01 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by abercromb View Post

The limiting of augments and augment slots to certain levels of the armour/weapons = The death of low level augmented orange crafting = dump what you have and don't craft.
Or just throw a level 49 green augment in there.

I'm still scratching my head who is buying the 20k+ Grade 6 purple slicing components to craft augments for 80k. I can only assume its some sort of grand, intergalactic conspiracy run by the Barely Break Even Mafia.

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06.20.2012 , 05:15 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by NermalDetonator View Post
Or just throw a level 49 green augment in there.

I'm still scratching my head who is buying the 20k+ Grade 6 purple slicing components to craft augments for 80k. I can only assume its some sort of grand, intergalactic conspiracy run by the Barely Break Even Mafia.
Just because you see it for sale doesn't mean people are paying. I'd assume most of the servers had widely different prices on stuff. Only natural to base your initial prices on what you're used to, (plus maybe a little extra in hoping) Going to take a while before it either doesn't sell (too high mats) or sells too fast and can't get mats to replace for less (too low augments) really percolates through peoples heads.

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06.21.2012 , 11:06 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by Flaminica View Post
I'm also on Ebon Hawk (from Adraas). I've noticed that stuff is actually selling finally. Prices overall are down a bit but I think that's a good thing. On Adraas, crafters were overcharging to compensate for the week something would sit before it was sold and for the cost of the six items that never sold for the one that finally did.
I have to agree. I migrated from both Kath Hound and Lord Adraas to Ebon Hawk, and the prices on Ebon Hawk are a lot less than both my previous servers. More Population = more crafters = more competition = better prices. Economics 101

Great for the buyer, but not as great for the seller as the price of certain mods have fallen below the value of the mats needed to craft them. Sometimes my 400 Artificer will just buy crystals in the GTN for my alts rather than crafting them herself, because it saved money and time (same for hilts, enchancements, etc).

If my Artificer isn't alone in her thinking, then eventually the enconomy will change again.