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Dont see a gear/item forum, so...Confused by Emmanuel's "color match" explanation...

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Dont see a gear/item forum, so...Confused by Emmanuel's "color match" explanation...

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12.13.2011 , 12:28 PM | #1
Link to Emmanuel's news post here:

Thanks for posting, Emmanuel, but I am confused. Why wasn’t gear and appearance options, truly one of the core parts of the game, locked down a long time ago?

Your explanation really confuses me…How on earth could you state that color match killed diversity. THE ONLY diversity it killed was unmatching colors. That is the whole idea. First off, loot has stats, that always is nice diversity. Then there are the different models… This diversity argument makes no sense whatsoever…we want to kill color diversity, in appearance, in order to MATCH. That was the WHOLE point.

Then your explanation really gets confusing…matching colors made getting loot less rewarding? How? Again, there are stats. Also, you want to know what is REALLY unrewarding? Getting a new piece of loot that is so darn fugly that you don't use it, even when it has better stats, because it doesnt match, and ruins the LOOK you want for your character. This has happened numerous times to me in beta builds without match to chest and in beta builds with match to chest where the chest was fugly itself. Now THAT is unrewarding.

Your explanation here is REALLY troubling and seems to indicate that BW might not get it. No wonder we don’t have an appearance tab in this game, apparently you folks just don’t understand how important it is to some players to look cool, and to be able to match their OWN taste…not yours. At least not until you start paying our subscription fee, THEN, MAYBE your taste might start to matter to us…I hope I am wrong, and I hope you guys do get it.

Then you really seem to go off the rails. What possible item conversion issues could there be with a system like color match. It is an appearance system that doesn’t actually change any of the gear. There are NO conversion issues there. Comeon. That makes no sense.

In short, I have lost some faith that whatever system you guys produce is going to be something that meets the community’s needs. Your puzzling explanation seems to show a profound misunderstanding of the issues. Or I'm misreading it, which is certainly possible.

Let me try to explain it as best I can. The mod system is ok FOR STATS. For stats it’s a great idea to be able to mix and match. But for APPEARANCE we need an appearance tab. People that don’t like it can opt out of it. Then they will always have the mod system. Appearance tabs work very well, and are VERY popular.

Listen. That is what many of your customers would like. No need to reinvent the wheel or to twist like a pretzel to explain something that doesn’t make sense. You cannot account for peoples taste. It is individual. And appearance is incredibly important to many players. So don’t try, and don’t try to force some "reinvented wheel" system on us. Many many threads in the beta forums told you guys exactly what the issues were, and what many in the playerbase would like. The beauty of appearance tabs is that players that arent interested can opt out and only see true gear. Since we have no support for appearance at launch, please take some time and get it right...Please provide it. Several F2P MMOs seem to manage to provide robust appearance systems just fine, like lotro, sto, etc...


P.S. Gratz to BW on what has been, from what I have seen at least, a spectacular launch. Very well done, BW, very well done. Hope the servers can continue to ramp with the players.
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