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Server Transfers: Need More Choices

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Server Transfers: Need More Choices

LeeLoou's Avatar

06.20.2012 , 09:59 AM | #1
I recently transferred with my guild from a light server to a very heavy server. I left the game in january because it was unplayable for me partly because of the game design and partly because of lag. After a month or so the population settled down and the game underwent seral fixes and patches and I was able to play and enjoy the game. Now we are all but forced to move to this new "megaserver" and I am back to lagging so bad the game is unplayable again. Its not much of a choice, either stay on a server with only 31 and players and shrinking or move to the megaserver withwho knows how many, i know fleet always has hundreds of people on it now. When offering server transfers you should give more than one choice so we didnt have to go to this overcrowded server and suffer the lag fest all over again. If each of the servers that were allowed transfers were given 2 options then the movers would have most likely balanced out the 2 servers avoiding the VERY HEAVY and just making 2 mediums or 1 medium and one heavy.

Notannos's Avatar

06.20.2012 , 10:11 AM | #2
Hello LeeLoou,

The discussion and offering of feedback regarding our character transfer process is very popular on the forums. Currently we have threads regarding this discussion found on our General Discussion forums.

We do welcome your feedback, however to help us consolidate this feedback we ask that you join the following threads. This will help us to organize the forums better for the community.

Free Character Transfers Now Available On Select Servers
Serious overloading of servers

Feel free to leave any additional comments or thoughts you have in regards to character transfers in the provided threads. Thank you for taking the time to offer us your feedback.