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Can't deal with all these warriors

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Can't deal with all these warriors

FaidenX's Avatar

06.17.2012 , 12:55 AM | #1
Yo, my server of Jung Ma had a loooot of other players transfer to us and most of what I have seen in the warzones is the sith warriors. I am a seer sage and I think kiting even one is impossible because of all the CC they have, and the jump. But more times than not I have at least two constantly targeting me and beating the crap out of me. They have one attack that does about 5.7k, which is just effin ridiculous. I am at a loss of what to do against this, any advice? I do use strafe and my knockback, slow, etc, but what else is there to do?

Darth_Dreselus's Avatar

06.17.2012 , 02:57 AM | #2
Not much sadly, both Maras and Juggs can hurt and Juggs particularly have excellent CC abilities. Whenever possible try to lose them around pillars and such but more often than not they will prevent you from escaping and interrupt your heals (once I had all of my heals on CD due to all the interrupts and natural CDs of Rej and HT)

Having a tank guarding you works well. I was once able to hold my own against 3 warriors but they managed to LoS me from my tank who died and I essentially 'exploded' as soon as the guard was gone. A friendly DPS beating at them while you kite is also helpful.

Keeping an eye on your Resolve is also useful as it is the best time to lose them around corners (at least long enough to use a HT or a quick Benevolence if nothing else) Also plan your stuns and be ready to quickly heal yourself up before they break/wear off. You can also pop a relic (best are probably power or crit/surge ones, I used alacrity but it's not a massive increase in channel speeds) right before the stun to get that small edge. Don't forget that PvP relics are changing for 1.3, though.

Warzone Medpacks and Expertise Adrenals (for increased healing and defences [only defences after 1.3]) are also not to be underestimated.

But even with all the skill in the world they can still catch you in a bad spot and destroy you. In such case note down their names and go Balance for a few matches, melting them is so very satisfying

Hybrid specs are also helpful such as 21/20/0 but I can't advise you on those, I like my Salvations too much.
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06.17.2012 , 04:23 AM | #3
I can kite one, sometimes two good Maras for a short while. One or two bad Maras I can kite indefinitely (lots of bad Maras, so good news on that front). 3 Maras focusing me, and I'm screaming for help.

The team needs to help out with peels/taunts/guards as soon as you start getting focused enough. Politely mention that in order to heal, you will need some form of protection. On AP I was fine solo queueing a lot of the time, we had everyone pretty well trained. Looks like we need to train up some of the Jung Ma folks though.

Anytime the outcome seems to already be decided (as in, a loss) in a WZ or if your team gives up, I recommend practicing survival skills. The enemy will be very happy to help out by trying to kill you, and as you say there's typically enough warrior types floating around. Try to pick one up from range, so that you can at least start out 1v1, and just start trying to live.

Leap=> Knockback + slow + run away.
Leap => Sprint + slow + pebbles
Masterstrike/Ravage => run away + pebbles after running
Stun if you need to buy time for heal or two (don't whitebar though, careful with knockbacks)
Use trance whenever it's up, and obviously rejuv whenever you're not doing something else
Cleanse snares asap. Cleanse dots like crazy. If the Mara is dot spec (often), wait for the 3 stack + 1 stack if if you get two of the debuffs, and one has a number on it.

And of course, premades. A good tank is fantastic, and you can call out for help from your own Sentinels or other DPS to whack on the guys focusing you.

Oh, as for gear, the proc relic works well for constant kiting, I often use it in Huttballs for that reason. Also I run with the full PvE set bonus, but at the very least I recommend the two 2pc bonuses (shield from pvp, trance cooldown from pve). Don't run with it standard, mod it with expertise as necessary.

FourTwent's Avatar

06.18.2012 , 04:28 PM | #4
that's what happens. i look at the warrior(but more specifically the mara) as the sage's anti-class. we let the metagame fill up with sorcs and sages when the game launched. so it was innevitable that a bunch of knights/warriors start popping up to counteract them. soon we'll see an influx of snipers and gunslingers to counteract them. . .and then it'll come back around to tanks