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Crew Queue App?

Ziegegeist's Avatar

06.16.2012 , 04:17 PM | #1
How cool would it be if there was a mobile app (possibly tied into the Security Key app) that let you queue up crew skill crafts/missions for your team while your out of the 'Verse and stuck IRL?!
It'd be sort of like how Farmville has an "Express" mobile site that lets you harvest and plant stuff while away from your desktop.
Would this be too unfair to the mobile-devicedly-challenged?
Any thoughts on mechanics, ethics, or anything else on this are welcome. Figure I'm not the first to think of this, but it just hit me today ^_^

May the Force be with You!

Livedtomato's Avatar

06.17.2012 , 03:51 PM | #2
Would be nice, maybe they could add this in the future but as of right now I think they're trying to keep the little players they have and look at adding end game content or rather they're just now coming out with some real end game content.

MetalHed's Avatar

06.18.2012 , 09:50 AM | #3
I'm not digging for it because it was good while ago but there was a dev response to this very question and the response was the typical "great idea, maybe in the distant future" kind of thing.'s a great idea!!.

emidas's Avatar

06.18.2012 , 09:59 AM | #4
While not an "official" method, you can do this now.

Choose any of the remote desktop applications out there (I recommend Splashtop, it's what I use, but there may be better ones available), and set it up to work on your desktop. Voila, you now have access to TOR on the go.

Vemtaz's Avatar

06.18.2012 , 01:09 PM | #5
I've used splashtop to run crew skills remotely.

Unfortunately, there are some stability issues with it, and about half the time, the service crashes.

I too would love to see an android/iphone/ipad//wp app that will allow you to send your crew out on missions while you are away from your computer.

I'd even be willing to pay a few dollars for it to offset the development cost.

It would make living with the 'all gifts all the time' UT mission selection problem a lot easier.