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Can't setup subscription

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Colryn's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 07:14 PM | #1
I received my hard copy of the game today and already setup my account and everything but when I try to setup the subscription it keeps telling me one is already paid for. Normally that wouldn't be a problem except for the graphic on the account page that shows the steps to fully setup your account it shows I need to setup a subscription in order to play?

Very confusing since I can already play the game.

vampiricdust's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 07:15 PM | #2
Same issue.

getspun's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 07:19 PM | #3
I can access the game and play as well, but when I try to redeem my registration code it says its already been used... So yea... Might want to look into that.

TheJaxx's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 07:19 PM | #4
I as well
(Yes, its coming back)

Colryn's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 07:22 PM | #5
Hopefully they post a notice or something in FAQ because I tried looking and nothing.

getspun's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 05:23 PM | #6
Umm hello? This is kind of a problem.

Xaryell's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 05:31 PM | #7 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hello everyone,

This issue should now be resolved and you should now be able to use PayPal to set up subscriptions.

Thank you for your patience.

Xaryell | BioWare Customer Service Forum Support

getspun's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 05:40 PM | #8
Not working for me. I got my origin email with my 20-digit serial number in it. I go like the email says. I put the code in. I get the message that says:

You are redeeming the following code: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
By redeeming this code, you are now registered for the following:
STAR WARS(TM): The Old Republic(TM) Digital Standard Edition
Then I continue, and it says the code has already been redeemed and it obviously hasn't been.

Juggeranuht's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 09:27 PM | #9
Same thing here

JediRaffa's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 09:57 PM | #10
OK guys, here is the deal. If you pre-ordered the game (standard edition)and downloaded the client, Origin would have sent you an order confirmation e-mail with what looks like a redemption code. xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

You enter this for the pre-order , get your e-mail invite and begin playing.


Once you receive your hard copy CD, there will be another xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

This is the redemption code that you need to enter into your account information.

So in other words, its like you are getting 2 of these codes. One for the pre-order and then another when the actual hard copy CD comes in the mail.

I just tried it and worked perfectly.

Good luck.