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Quit after sages got nerfed

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06.17.2012 , 03:35 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Curmedy View Post
If the opposing team plays strategy they will put a symbol over all the Sage's heads and you'll be gang banged and killed in a heart beat. I've seen it done before and when I play on my sage (although not often anymore because of this) I get roflstomped. I don't want to have to hide in a corner and come out only when the coast is clear, then when they notice me run away.

THE BIG PICTURE -- Sages can't hold their own in 1v1 situations if the opponent is skilled, even if you're skilled as well. You could have a really good Sage dps and a descent mar/jugg and they will obliterate you every time with ease. If you are a Sage and they don't target you every time they see you then you aren't versing a good team.
Most of the time you do not come across this type of organization in random WZ ques, if you do your going to get smashed no matter what class you play. In a competitive match almost no class can survive alone when being focused (and if they can they are not going to be focused) Good teams will guard/peel for the focus target and a good sage watches his positioning so you don't get caught with your pants down (although sometimes you can't help it and you will get yanked into the melee pile and slaughtered). Sages do suck one v. one I agree totally, therefore you should do your best to avoid getting into 1 v. 1 matches. With Balance especially you have a good chance of evading a melee dps and leave him running around after you being worthless while you still throw dots around to keep up the pressure on the enemy healers. Its often times not hard to los snipers and mercs too. It sucks we are the squishiest class and the worst in 1v1. However, we are great in huttball, good interceptors for capping and planting bombs, and quick reinforcements for node defense. We are def. not snipers, but at least we aren't as useless as commandos.