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Mandalorian Raiders

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12.18.2011 , 04:44 PM | #1
I had a group with two vanguards, a gunslinger, and a jedi guardian between levels 23 and 26 the first time I did this flashpoint.

Difficulty: Perfect
The flashpoint is no cakewalk, nor is it a slaughter. Each player is capable of taking on one or two of the NPCs individually, but groups can easily split your party and take you down if you aren't focused.

Setting: Could be improved
I was a little disappointed that there was a three-way space battle supposedly going on outside the ship, but you couldn't see any of it. Perhaps passing a command deck with a window wall so you can see some of the excitement? The flashpoint also ends with you capturing the ship with zero effort required to repel the Imperial attack (or Republic). The Mandalorians also looked more like Galactic Civil War imp officers than the traditional Mandalorians.

Bosses: Excellent
The first one may seem difficult at first, but is a breeze compared to the second. Good change of pace from point-shoot-kill. The enemy boarding party entrance is great by itself, and the fight can be incredibly challenging - but always fun - because of its uniqueness and general mayhem.
Actually, the only reason we got past them was because two of them we killed never respawned after they defeated us, also granting us no loot when they were beaten.
The last boss actually seemed secondary to the environment, which was the real danger. Easier than the previous battle, but still at a good difficulty.

Length: Eh..
Not as bad as Athiss but still a bit of a trudge through the majority of the flashpoint just because the ship is so large. Maybe a couple more side options, like conversations, or using turrets to repel the arriving enemy ships. The one you're on is supposed to be an exceptional warship after all.

Overall I'd have to say it's one of my favorite flashpoints so far. Opinions on Mandalorian Raiders?
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