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As server queve post is closed


Kanoxa's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 04:16 PM | #1
mister Jeff Hickman, as the server queve post is closed i had to make this.

Apart from the large errors in-game (like resorc that cant be harvested) and game frezing for nothing, apart from all that im dissapointed about the queves, as nothing is being done (this is a problem that was perfect show in the last 2 betas) and this isnt worthy of BioWare, u only did some of the best games of the last years, u cant expect that us players (custumers) accept waiting 2:30h to be able to play a game that we will have to pay, to be able to play it. i can accept the queves (never happend to me in all the MMO ive played and i did play almost 90% of them) but with i and most of us players cant accept is waiting 2h or even more to be able to play a game, im sry but this has cant be explained, this shold had been perfectly predicted as SWTOR set the record for pre-reservs and yet as we see nothing was done. so plz explain this to us players and customers

(sorry for my bad english)

ViolentOr's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 04:23 PM | #2
Obviously, you never played any big MMORPG right from te start Big queues are absolutely normal and predictible. And theres absolutely nothing that developers van do in first couple of weeks, as they can't say how many of currently playing people will actually stay. All we (customers) can do now -- wait.

Bob_Ta-aar's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 04:36 PM | #3
and opening your eyes always helps too :
they are working on it and official launch will bring additional servers as well.
I'm playin' on Bloodworthy, by far the most crowded server at the moment, 2-3h queues during evening hours all weekend ... but like one lad there said: better queues than deserted servers after a few weeks!
so, like a great jedi master once said: patience, my young apprentice!
Patience, my young apprentice! The Force WILL be with you ... eventually !