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Newbie Question on Lightsaber Augmentation

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Newbie Question on Lightsaber Augmentation

LordBearer's Avatar

06.15.2012 , 04:20 PM | #1
Truthfully this is my first MMORPG and no matter how many articles I try to read about the nonstop changes they are doing with augmenting slots for armor, lightsabers, etc. I just get lost beyond belief. So I'm hoping that by explaining my character you guys will be able to give me better advise then the standard Wiki on augmenting.

So I have a level 50 character (sith inquisitor - sorcerer (lightning)
- All battlemaster armor
- Treasure Hunting level 400
- Artiface level 400
- Archaelogy level 400

I have this very nice Elegant Modified Lightsaber (Augment) that I have crafted. I want to take all of my battlemaster crystals from that lightsaber and put it into my elegant modified lightsaber. My question to you is I do not believe with my screw skills that I can research how to create an augmented item for that, or can I? If I can't is there a vendor or place I can go to purchase the augmented item that I can insert into my modified lightsaber or a black market I can purchase this? Basically, i just want to get my augmented piece and want to know where/how can I obtain one since I don't believe my crew skills will let me create them.

Any advise/help is greatly appreciated because the guides out there are confusing the crap outta me. Thanks !

Hafforr's Avatar

06.15.2012 , 05:00 PM | #2
if somone in your guild cant make them
then you can buy them off the ah.

LordBearer's Avatar

06.15.2012 , 05:09 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Hafforr View Post
if somone in your guild cant make them
then you can buy them off the ah.
What's an AH?

I'm a newbie remember, I don't understand a lot of abbreviations. And no my guild isn't an option.

Appak's Avatar

06.15.2012 , 05:21 PM | #4
Synthweavers, Armormechs, and Armstechs can make Augments.

The place to go if you or a guild member can't craft is the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) - the global marketplace you can find on the fleet. If you sort by Item Modification > Augment (perhaps choosing the level and or grade item you want) you can buy what you need from there.

If what you want isn't on the market, you could try asking in Trade chat (/3 I think is default) for a crafter to make what you want.

AH = Auction House though its not called that in SWTOR.

DarthMclane's Avatar

06.15.2012 , 05:24 PM | #5
Its the GTN (Galactic Trade Network) in other mmo's it called an Auction House (AH)

LordBearer's Avatar

06.15.2012 , 05:25 PM | #6
I tried that but it would not let me search unless I typed in part of a name. Is there any website or anywhere on swtor that lists all of the augments names that I can start to type in to try and find the item? By the way the last reply was probably the best reply on the matter I've gotten so far, thank you.

Appak's Avatar

06.15.2012 , 05:36 PM | #7
You can search without typing in a name. Perhaps there was just nothing on the market. With the server mergers err sorry "transferfs" happening, people were taking items off their origin servers so they wouldn't lose credits or the items during transfer.

Do a google search, I'm sure you can come up with a list of the augments.

I know the purple level 49 ones are Advanced *** Augment 22

Lets see if I can remember them ..
Might = Str
Resolve = Will
Skill = Cunning?
Reflex = Aim?
Fortitude = End
Redoubt = Defense
Command = Presence

There's also a Crit (Overkill?), a Surge, and a Power one, but can't recall their names off hand

LordBearer's Avatar

06.15.2012 , 06:11 PM | #8
Found them, they are expensive little buggers. Thank you for your help!