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Republic recruitment flyer for Darth Bandon

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Republic recruitment flyer for Darth Bandon

Briggs_Knightly's Avatar

06.13.2012 , 10:06 AM | #1
Hello All,

We have an active Empire population but a fairly small Republic population.
I guess with a server name like Darth Bandon, that comes as know suprise.

Some of the Republic players are VERY good so you will not just be joining a gank fest.
It is just that a low population causes economy problems and such.

I personally have characters on both sides but mostly play Empire because of the enconomy.
We have fiarly short Q times now but end up with Empire vs. Empire most of the time.

This is my personal recruitment flyer...
If you are lokking for a new server as a Republic player... please pick Darth Bandon.
Bring your friends... Bring your whole guild.
With a healthy population on both sides, this can go from a good server to a great one!


SAEforLife's Avatar

06.13.2012 , 10:20 AM | #2
you clearly don't understnd how these "transfers" are working, they are essentially merges.... you have 2 options stay on a dead server or go where they tell you to.

also in reality you are much more likely to be an origin server rather than a destination server at this point.
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sithgreyguard's Avatar

06.15.2012 , 02:22 AM | #3
hey were not a dead server ! at one point i could see us as a destination server.