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Losing hard won character names...

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Losing hard won character names...

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06.14.2012 , 11:33 AM | #1
Re. ticket number 5590870 and 5591857

I have sent in a third ticket, and thought I might as well try posting on the forums as well. Maybe then I can actually get some customer service...

Hi, Bioware, I am one of your most loyal fans. I have been here since the beginning. I joined the forums the day they opened. I pre-ordered the collectors edition the day pre-orders first became available. I participated in numerous beta weekends. I logged in and saved all of my character names (as they are very important to me) on day one of early access. And I have had an active subscription since the game released in December.

After all that, I think I deserve a little more respect than a copy and paste answer to my tickets. An MMO is more than a game, it is also a service. How can you expect to retain subscribers if you treat your most loyal fans concerns with such a dismissive attitude? It truly boggles the mind.

Here is the problem. My character names are all taken on the server my guild (which I am Guild Leader of) is transferring to. I created a new character on the Begeren Colony server, and friended all of the people who had my names.

Luka, Kane, Miira, Jono, Rohlan, and Vashti.

None of them were online. I asked in general chat on the imperial and republic fleets if anyone knew them. One guy said that he hadn't seen a couple of them in ages, and that he thought that they had quit the game.

Now let me ask you this, doesn't it make more sense to allow the loyal, paying player to keep his names, than it does to let the unsubbed player, who may never come back, keep his names?

The server my server is transferring to is Begeren Colony. The names I am interested in are listed above. Please escalate this issue to your manager, or supervisor, or to anyone really who has the ability or authority to do more than give me a copy and paste answer. If any of the above names are inactive or unsubbed, or if their characters were created sometime after mine were, I think it is only fair that they be the ones who have to change their names.


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06.14.2012 , 11:44 AM | #2
Agreed I pre-ordered the Collector's Edition as soon as it was available and I've been subscribed for all but one week since Pre-Launch. You can see my 4 names in my signature below. Many people think we are whining and hey maybe we are, but as a roleplayer my character's names matter to me and I was just online with Racquél (note the mark over the e) and did a flashpoint and it was kinda ok fun then I logged to play my knight, Ashle... er Ashléy... and just realized I'm not interested in playing her... I don't know maybe in a few days I'll get over it, but... right now this just slaughters all interest I have in playing.

Also, I will say that I don't see this "server transfer" as a choice. Jump ship or stay on sinking ship.... there is no choice there. You jump ship.

I also agree that in this FORCED MERGE (that's what this is, the choice is an illusion, as I said above in my ship analogy) the person with the oldest character on a still active account (regardless of level) should get priority on names.
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06.14.2012 , 12:10 PM | #3

We do understand that character transfers have affected players as they seek to retain their original names. There is already a thread dedicated to discussing this issue, so you may want to join the conversation here:

If you have a suggestion about the way naming conventions should be handled during this transfer process, you could also post in our Suggestion Box.

We will be closing this thread now as this forum is designated for players with Customer Service issues as outlined in our Customer Service FAQ.

Thank you!