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Profs and Companion Gifts...

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Profs and Companion Gifts...

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06.13.2012 , 02:23 PM | #21
It is called scarcity of materials. The easier it is to get materials the less value they have. Now I know that a lot of you would love that, so would everyone else and that's the problem - if you get more materials everyone else does too. Keeping those missions "difficult" to get makes the materials worth more. That is unless you want to spend 2000+ credits for items that will sell for 10 each or crafted items from those materials that will sell for 100?

To the person who asked why the devs cannot just adjust the variables involved and allow us to pick and choose which missions we want to run.

Just thinking about what would be involved in that is mind boggling. Having to watch EVERY SERVER and EVERY MATERIAL on that server and then modify the credit cost and/or the time to generate the materials is a MASSIVE undertaking. Furthermore, you think people are unhappy now, just think about what would happen if one particular mission cost was jacked up to 10,000 credits and took six hours to complete because everyone and their mother have been running that mission.

Instead they went with a fixed cost, slightly variable time (with efficiency bonuses and affection) and randomness of missions. And while many players play the "mission slot machine" to get the missions they want, they are still a minority; most players just suck it up and do a companion gift mission and wait. This serves the additional purpose of acting as a credit sink.

At least with this system you can "gather" materials without having to actually do anything. Would you prefer a Wow-like system where you have to go out into the world and gather EVERYTHING you need?

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06.14.2012 , 09:23 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by asbalana View Post
The companion gifts are just fillers. They are there to keep the number of mats missions that can be run at any time down and so regulate the supply of purple mats.

The one thing that I don't get is that the companion gifts always sell and since they are so prevalent, I am not sure who is buying them.
They sell to gatherers who don't have mission skills, or non crafters, I guess.

I've run a lot of gift missions in the last few weeks, as I've been collecting modable schematics for Underworld Trading, getting some of my collection, buying some on GTN, and selling the duplicates. Gift missions are twice as fast as other missions (twice as many chances for schematics), cheaper, and using the gifts increases crit chance and crafting/mission speed. What's not to like?