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Account security questions fixed? Uhh, no...

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Account security questions fixed? Uhh, no...

Darth-Malkaevian's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 02:32 PM | #11
I have the answer everyone has been looking for, but which everyone will not be happy about:

Bioware did not reset your actual security questions, what was reset was your security question verification. In other words, your Accounts recognition of your IP validation was reset, requiring you to once again answer your security question in order to validate your Computer's IP.

So basically the Dev who was supposed to reset the questions, instead hit the button for resetting the verification of your IP.

Which makes your account ask you for a security question answer, rather then telling you you need to set up your security questions. (Which is what the reset SHOULD, have done).

It's just simple incompetence like this that is easily fixable with a global reset, which for some reason Bioware refuses to do that is going to cause them to loose half if not more of their subscribers before launch.

It will also cause anyone who hasn't bought the game yet, but is reading these forums, to NOT buy the game.

1 mistake caused Biowares epic launch, to turn into an epic flop, simply because Bioware wont take 5 seconds to check these forums and hit the global reset button resolving the issue.