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Diplomatic suggestion with underworld connections

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Diplomatic suggestion with underworld connections

Moneydie's Avatar

06.13.2012 , 10:19 AM | #1
Got a small suggestion I'd like to make about the diplomacy missions. Quite a lot of the time I find myself forced to take an opposing light/dark mission from my characters path as the path to follow I want has nothing but companion gift after companion gift.

And so my suggestion is a simple one, out of the 7-8 on offer always have 2 dark (gift and supply) and 2 light (gift and supply) with the others more random. Keep the yield randomised but just have on offer a set minimum.

This could also be carried over into underworld trade as it feeds too many crafting skills for whats on offer. Minimum of 1 cloth, 1 metal and 1 gift mission before you dump the randomisation into the mix. My other though for uw would be to shift cloths into a different gathering trade but that would likely be harder to sort out now than the tweak I proposed.