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There is no death, there is only Wrath

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There is no death, there is only Wrath

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06.13.2012 , 02:56 AM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by bright_ephemera View Post
26. In which Nalenne asks Pierce a long-suppressed question

There once was a soldier who heard
That “authority” wasn’t a word.
He would win, and repeat,
Each objective complete,
But still flipped all his bosses the bird.

This is the best thing, it describes Pierce perfectly. Did I mention I love all things Pierce. I imagined that his first name is also Pierce and his parents didn't understand the implications of choosing their Legacy name.

Also, Servant Nine... sounds delicious, though I can't picture a flattering version of the "Hand Robes" on anyone.

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06.13.2012 , 07:08 AM | #52
28. In which the Hand shows its hand (II/II)

A web of invisible threads
Links the Emperor’s network of dread.
The big guy’s command
Flows through Voice or through Hand
Then the Wrath hammers in what he said.

The crew was gathered on the seats in and near the reading nook, across the broad holo room from the hallway to everyone’s quarters. Vette and Jaesa played a long halfhearted game of holochess. Pierce was cleaning his blaster rifle, piece by small delicate piece. Broonmark was doing stars-knew-what with his translation datapad, using the edges of his proboscis because his huge clawed fingers weren’t sufficiently nimble. Ghost-Quinn sat and thought.

Hours passed.

“It’s just that he’s of the Emperor’s Hand,” said Quinn, out of nowhere. “We only know what they’ve seen fit to tell us. He could be capable of anything. It isn’t safe.”

Pierce looked sour. “If you turn this into a Team Baras talk, little man….”

“It’s nothing about the relative merits of employment. The Servants, personally, could be anything.”

“Sh-sh,” hissed Vette. “Look casual.”

They got back to doing nothing significant as the ship creaked and lowered its gangplank. Two pairs of boots sounded in step up the walkway. Nalenne, in a killer form-fitting hybrid of armor and evening dress, never broke eye contact with a flushed, smiling Servant Nine as they made their way to her quarters.

Vette and Jaesa exchanged hopeful smiles. Quinn stoicked fiercely. Pierce raised a pair of fine plasteel pieces and concentrated on fitting them together. Broonmark only blinked.

In time they heard a short sharp cry and a crash, then the sound of mad scrambling. Moments later the door to Nalenne’s quarters bumped open and a half-dressed Servant Nine stumbled into the holo room. Nalenne followed close after, belting her dressing gown as she went. “The first date? Demanding that on the first date? Really?”

“I heard you were into that!” said Servant Nine.

“Just because you heard a rumor that I liked doing it for some other guy does not mean I’m going to just get down and wipe out all Republic forces in the nearest star system with you! That’s a really intimate thing. I barely even know you!”

“It was good enough for your whole crew. Plus, I heard you got busy with Lord Draahg about ten minutes after meeting him.”

Nalenne sputtered. “And ‘what you heard’ is supposed to make me the Sith Order’s public battle mount? At least Lord Draahg respected me!”

When Servant Nine stepped toward her in a threatening and entirely too close way, Broonmark stood up and prepared to spring. But the tall Sith composed himself – as much as a man wearing boxers and one arm of a robe could look composed – and shot the crew a withering look. “If that’s what does it for you,” he said coldly, “no wonder we’re losing this war.” With that, Servant Nine swept out.

Jaesa darted to intercept Nalenne before she could go anywhere. “Hey, master. Don’t listen to him. You know high-ranking Sith are only after one thing.”

Nalenne looked lost. “I just wanted casual sex. Why does nobody ever look past the killing stuff to see that?”

“It’s okay, hon.” Jaesa hugged her.

“And I didn’t just go carry out kill orders for my whole crew the minute I met you guys.”

“I definitely never sent you to kill anybody,” said Vette from where she stood.

“Neither did I,” said Jaesa.

“Nor even we,” blorped Broonmark.

Quinn and Pierce exchanged accusing looks.

“And all of us, including the boys – “ Vette cleared her throat – “know you’re worth a lot more than just your combat skills.”

“W-well, yes, um. Of course,” said Quinn uncomfortably.

“I could’ve told you that,” said Pierce, somehow managing to glare even harder at Quinn.

“The thought never occurred to us, but it is obviously what Sith clan wants to hear,” said Broonmark. (Broonmark’s selective vocabulary lessons gave him a certain leeway in talking in Nalenne’s presence.)

“I hate everything,” sobbed Nalenne.

Vette took over. “Jaesa, go help her with a pillow fort, okay? I’ll find some cookies and the Duranium Man holovid. The one with that Pureblood playing Tonin Harsh, she loves that version. Boys, if you pressure her for ombat-cay ssignments-ay in the next forty-eight hours you will answer to me.”

The menfolk sat for a moment after Vette and Jaesa ushered Nalenne back to her quarters.

“I don’t understand,” said Quinn. “She never complained about me recommending critical strategic operations.”

“She made so many exceptions for you,” said Pierce, “it stopped being funny.” He spat. “Bloody Sith.”
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06.13.2012 , 09:06 AM | #53
Just thought I'd chime in with how much I'm enjoying this. Your characterization is awesome, I had no idea how you were going to work with the ghostly Quinn when you first started, but the tension between Nalenne and Quinn makes me hold me breath when reading, and the dynamics with the rest of the crew finally telling it like it is to him are fantastic. What a great story!

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06.13.2012 , 10:36 AM | #54
Please keep up the posting. I'm loving your stories, enough that I check this thread before playing my warriors everday

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06.13.2012 , 01:13 PM | #55
29. In which Nalenne reports to her sister

One Sith in the family tree
Makes it easy enough to foresee
Not all sibs will pull through.
Expand that to two,
And sororicide’s half guaranteed.

Nalenne locked the door to her room and carefully, quietly slid a packing case out from under her bed. She had left the item inside untouched for weeks, but by now she was halfway sure that Quinn was abiding by the eavesdropping rules. If she was quiet, no one would hear.

She lifted the mandoviol from its case and carried it to the bed. She sat down and cradled it, touching the strings, ever so lightly, to let the tuning pegs do their automated thing.

This was just about the coolest instrument anybody she knew played, and she fully intended to learn. When she had time. Which only really happened when her combat-effective friends were laid up with broken bones and kolto soaks. Going out without Pierce was difficult.

She called up lesson notes on the nearest console and started ghosting her fingers along the strings, just barely enough for herself to hear. Much better to make quiet mistakes than to make loud mistakes and have to kill witnesses after every practice session.

She nearly jumped when her holo rang. Hurriedly she set the mandoviol on the floor and answered on her console.

Her twin Niselle smiled her signature sinister smile. “Lenny! How are you?”

“Glorying in a messy part-time reign of terror. Yourself?”

“The usual. Scheming, exchanging assassination attempts with everybody I’ve ever met. Your refusal to participate is making people talk, you know.”

“Let ‘em. What’s the occasion for the call?”

“Just to chat. I’m curious about how your exorcism efforts are going.”

“Nowhere. That’s where they’ve been going. Nothing at all.”

“Don’t give up. You know you don’t want him around permanently.”

“I’m not so sure. It’s been great to have the tactical support back. And the company is…nice.” Nalenne considered. “Mostly.”

“Lenny. Do not back out now.”

“I was thinking about it earlier. If what he is is impossible, keeping or even reincarnating him is no more ridiculous than destroying him.”

“Tell me you’re joking. Banish the poor wretch. Move on. Stop by one of the Council receptions on Korriban sometime, you can meet some real movers and shakers. Attractive ones.”

"You think I haven’t tried? It’s not…nobody’s like Quinn. Nobody ever will be, not for me.”

"You only believe that because you're upset. And a moron. There's no such thing as love, dear." Niselle looked up at somebody coming in and started speaking very quickly. "Except in very rare cases like our own, how fortunate we are, Andronikos! Right?" The Sith rose to greet her husband.

"Our Wrath still wallowing in self-pity?"

"I'm wallowing in having cared about the guy I married." Nalenne glared at her sister.

Andronikos squeezed Niselle's waist. "A common complaint, from what I hear."

Nalenne smiled weakly. "Yeah. So what brings you here? More singles listings for me to browse?"

"Not unless you want 'em. Still stuck with the captain?”

“Yes indeed.”

“I’ve been talking with Talos about his artifacts in my spare time. Thought maybe some old text would mention effects like this. No leads yet, though.”

“You never told me you were researching this,” said Niselle.

Andronikos shrugged. “I thought it might help.”

“I appreciate it,” said Nalenne.

“I was only calling to watch her squirm, you know that,” pouted Niselle.

“You b****,” said Nalenne.

“If you two are going to make this conversation constructive, I’m leaving.” Niselle shoved Andronikos’ arm away and flounced off.

Andronikos scratched his ear. “Sorry. You know how she is.”

“She’s having fun with her Council thing, though, right?”

“Time of her life.”

“Good. Look after her, will you? I can’t have my whole family getting dead on me.”

“Not to worry. Look, if you make any progress, call me. Talos will want to know. He’s all right, even if he has refused to talk to you directly since the deflected-blaster-bolt misunderstanding.”

“Your blaster bolt, Niselle’s attack order. Don’t see why I’m the bad guy. Still, it’s appreciated.”

“Any time.”
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06.13.2012 , 08:49 PM | #56
Never quite pictured Andronikos as being a nice guy. I'm gonna have to wrap my head around this one. :P Keep em coming!
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06.14.2012 , 05:37 AM | #57
Whew! Two weeks ago when the first inkling of Nalenne hit my keyboard, I typed…a lot. I have now posted all 26 of that first weekend’s sketches, mixed in with a few more recent ones. Publication from here on in will be more variable, as I must rely on the whims of Extremely Flaky Creative Mind for production.

I intend to continue writing, but the frequency is likely to drop to once per day.

If there are topics/planets/characters/scenarios you would be interested in seeing Nalenne meet and explore, feel free to suggest stuff! (Voss is reserved; I have plans.) I make no guarantees, since EFCM sometimes looks at writing prompts and draws a blank; but suggestions are always good to have around.

Quote: Originally Posted by MilaniGrey View Post
Never quite pictured Andronikos as being a nice guy. I'm gonna have to wrap my head around this one. :P
Ha! Andronikos is kind of a scary guy, but I imagine he would think that the Emperor’s Wrath has a pretty cool gig. I mean, as lackeys go. Nalenne and he could swap stories of thrilling raids gone wrong and mad revenge sprees gone right. Until they get on each other’s bad sides, I could see them looking out for each other, because when you meet a pretty cool person with pretty good skills, it’s nice to have some give-and-take.

Most significantly, Andronikos Revel is nice compared to Niselle. An argument could be made that he’s a better person than Nalenne, too. That perspective is important.

Quote: Originally Posted by Ashlian View Post
I had no idea how you were going to work with the ghostly Quinn when you first started
Honestly? Neither did I. But the concept called to me. Almost every word of SWTOR fanfic I've written to date has sprung from attempts to cope with the fact that I couldn't kill Quinn when I wanted to. So...if my fondest fantasy could come true, and I could off my favorite companion...but he ended up still hanging out on my bridge editorializing on my professional calls.......and then, a couple tens of thousands of words later, here we are
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06.14.2012 , 05:54 AM | #58
30. In which Quinn steps slightly out of character to get jealous

I say that today’s post is out of character. My Quinn complains a lot, and he’s pretty raw towards Nalenne. I prefer to think that he talks a lot about the grievances between them, what he expects from her professionally, and whatever bothers him that he can frame as strategic or tactical advice, but that his complaining mostly ends there.

On the other hand, this image made me giggle. And really, look at him. He’s lost his commission, his assumptions of reality, the very control and sensory experience of his world. He’s still trying to come to terms with what and where he is. He’s in a bad mood a lot of the time. And he never liked that Jedi.

A crew on a small enough ship
May find tensions rise on each trip.
Though secrets are few
Each imagines a slew
And expects confirmation to slip.

“According to my analysis, my lord, maximum damage can currently be inflicted on this moon in the Dantooine system. Dense enemy troop population, several city targets to blow up. Pierce and Broonmark should be ecstatic.”

“Excellent,” said Nalenne. “You know I could never manage this planning stuff without you.”

He looked at the hand she was unsuccessfully trying to lay on his immaterial shoulder. “Yes,” he said, “you always do seem to go for your opposites.”

“’Always’? ‘Go for’? What, do I have a pattern?”

Quinn frowned and looked out the window. “I heard you talking with Jaesa earlier. About the pros and cons of annihilating villages in enemy territory.”


“You’ve grown remarkably…close, my lord.”

“You’re….” Nalenne blinked. Then she suppressed a laugh. “I should be close to my apprentice, don’t you agree?”

“Your favoritism is remarkable.”


“Yes, my lord. You pay her a great deal of personal attention.”

“You’re jealous. You’re actually jealous of Jaesa Wilsaam.”

“She spends more time in your bed than I ever did.”

“You know we’re just watching movies on the holoprojector I shelled out to upgrade in my room. Also, Jaesa can squeeze me into her schedule for more than 10.3 minutes a day, unlike some partners I could name. I think the point three was the part that bothered me the most. Where is this even coming from?”

“When she fought you, you spared her life. Not mine. And you’re always staring at the…back of her robe.”

“You know how awful Jedi robes look when they’re not draped right. It’s kind of obvious. I let her know so she can discreetly adjust.”

“Whatever you say. My lord.”

“Why are you so mad about this? Did you not have a problem with that time on Dromund Kaas when I excused myself to run off with Lord Draahg alone for six hours, then came back drenched in sweat and giggling like a schoolgirl?”

“At least Lord Draahg was a real Sith.”

“Malavai – “

“See! You only call me Malavai when you’re desperate.”

“That’s not true at all. I also – that is, there were other….”

“When you’re desperate or when you’re having intercourse, or anticipating it. I consider my point proved.” He ground his teeth for a moment. “Both of us laid a deadly trap for you, but only I got killed for it.”

“Jaesa set up a lousy two Jedi, one of whom died in ten seconds flat, the other of whom…mm, that was actually nice, beating him and breaking his spirit.”

“See? Not only did you leave her alive after that setup, you actually found it pleasurable!”

“I am not having this conversation. Hey, Jaesa. Want to stay in my room tonight?”

Jaesa looked up from her reading. “Master, setting up an artificially suggestive scenario for the sole purpose of hurting Quinn is a sickening idea.”

“We can make a pillow fort.”

Jaesa wavered.

“And read classic Mynock comics and argue who made the better Mankababe.”


“If you don’t accept, Halee Robs will be canonically the best one. Way better than that sad Seline Hyle.”

“Fine. Pillow fort. Because you’re wrong.”

“You’re a dear.” Nalenne turned back to Quinn. “It’ll be an extra, extra sexy pillow fort, Malavai. Suck it.”
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06.14.2012 , 11:08 AM | #59
Quote: Originally Posted by bright_ephemera View Post
If there are topics/planets/characters/scenarios you would be interested in seeing Nalenne meet and explore, feel free to suggest stuff! (Voss is reserved; I have plans.) I make no guarantees, since EFCM sometimes looks at writing prompts and draws a blank; but suggestions are always good to have around.
I have one word...Comic-Con.
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06.15.2012 , 08:04 AM | #60
Best one yet! I love your version of Jaesa still being lightside after you "fell" to the darkside. Very interesting. Also, I think Quinn is having a bad case of blue balls, as well as feeling a little rejected that he got killed and Jaesa didn't. *shrug*
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