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Vette marrige

Kaisernick's Avatar

06.09.2012 , 03:09 PM | #1
im wondering i have maxed out conversations with vette and married her despite being full darkside.

i like her as a character and want to start using her again so im wondering if i do and select evil options will i loose affection with her and eventually loose my marrige with her?

Captain_Zone's Avatar

06.09.2012 , 04:45 PM | #2
I'm honestly not sure about this one. All I know is one of my favorite subjects is the wedding night and her shock collar remark.

But seriously, if you lose Aff with her, just give her a few more gifts, and you should be ok.
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bright_ephemera's Avatar

06.10.2012 , 12:34 AM | #3
You couldn't get un-married if you tried, at least in the game as it stands.
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