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Where is the emotion?

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06.06.2012 , 04:40 PM | #21
I understand this is partly a matter of opinion, but I think they got it about right with the classes I've played so far - SI and IA.

I like how restrained my IA is, because I think it fits the class rather well. Someone like him has to keep their head in a crisis and has to keep personal feelings out of their work. Some people just don't show their emotions. Some people just don't react emotionally to things that would affect others. I can see them being the sort of person Imperial Intelligence would want to take on.

With my SI, I get the impression he's a very angry man. So angry he doesn't even go through the shouting phase before hitting ice-cold fury. I find it far more chilling that he might enjoy hurting someone horribly while not once raising his voice. Using his rage as a precision instrument to cause as much harm as possible and always, always maintaining enough control that he can take a step back and decide just what's going to hurt you the most.

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That son was a real douche though, also I forgot how tragic it all was with the "Congratulations with your promotion, Captain:"
I felt a bit bad for killing him, but it was worth it just to beat the tar out of his bratty son. Seriously, that boy was just too stupid to live.