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Zosha Advance. Harder with Proton Torpedoes

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06.06.2012 , 12:05 PM | #1
Hi Everyone, and Hi Bioware,

I am curious to find out from other players what they think about this Mission, before with only concussion missiles and after, with Proton Torpedoes.

Pre Lvl 50, I found Destroying the 4 Shield generators on the Crippled Battelship Very easy. It takes but a second to target one of the four and launch 4 concussion Misslies right at it, Effectively one shotting any Shield generator. this allows me to continue lasering all the other gun turrets on the supporting frigates as well as shooting down the Imperial fighters.
Now that I have Proton torpedoes I find I cannot use concussion missiles on the Generators. I have to use Proton Torpedoes.!! This involves me flying in a Straight line, unable to shoot the other "10 things" blasting a hole in my Ship, all while waiting for my Proton torpedoes to lock. It takes 3 seconds for those torpedoes to lock and if your cursor drifts off target at any point you have to start the whole 3 second locking process again.

No dispespect intended Bioware but that is retarded!!. You have to get all the way to Lvl 50 to get the Proton Torpedoes in the first place. To then get there, purchase an ENCHANCEMENT/UPGRADE to your ship, just to find that this enhancement actually makes your ship LESS EFFECTIVE is utterly Ridiculous.

I like the idea of Proton torpedoes. I like the lock on Ability. It really gives you that "Red Leader flying down the Death Star Trench" Feel. This is good for you want your players and fans of the Star Wars Universe to feel they are there, feeling and imagining what the Character(s) from the movies might feel. . . . .

. . . But you guys have got to fix this Shortcoming.!!

A pilot in a space ship should have the choice of what misile weapons to use. Properly Enhanced, a ship can carry 150 concussion missiles. To then have your decision of what weapon to use taken out of your hands, and chosen for you, when you were quite happy doing it the way you preferred is also ridiculous.

Pre-lvl 50, The Shield Generators are destroyed by Concussion missiles. At Lvl 50 they cannot be destroyed by Concussion missiles, only Proton Torpedoes. Bioware!! Where in gods name is the logic in that.?
In addition, Shield generators on other ships in this mission and in other missions, can only be destroyed by Concussion misilles and not by Proton Torpedoes. Again! This is retarded! because the only way you are going to work out what type of missile system works and which do not, is to fly the mission numerous times, and find out the hard way.
So, to get good at all the space missions, you have to memorise every part of every mission. How disappointingly linear that is.

Pre-lvl 50, I used to be able to destroy the shield generators early on, Giving me plenty of time to focus on bonus objectives. This I can no longer do. My Enjoyment of the Zosha Advance mission has been seriously reduced, and I am sure this is the kind of result, you folk at Bioware, would wish not to happen. hmmmm?

SUGGESTION! - Make Proton Torpedoes be the upgrade they are clearly intended to be,
SUGGESTION - Any chance Bioware can make a 5th Button, like the EMP Generator, or Electronic Warfare Pod, so that the Pilot can decide whether to use Proton Torpedoes or Concussion missiles Please??

I believe this would provide more flexibility and Enjoyability to the pilot of a ship, giving them more control of what they like to do, instead of having to fly the mission and fire and shoot targets at a very precise time or place, or suffer failure and have to rinse and repeat.

PS: I remove the Proton Torpedo launchers from my Ship during the Zotha mission. It's a heck of lot easier to complete now. I am also sure this is something Bioware also did not intend someone to have to do.!!

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06.06.2012 , 12:23 PM | #2

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06.06.2012 , 01:00 PM | #3
Just don't use proton torpedoes. I had mine removed on first day when I saw that happening and my alts never have.