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Sith warrior story fail, Malavai Quinn

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Sith warrior story fail, Malavai Quinn

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05.29.2012 , 10:16 PM | #351
I think the fact that he asks to be reassigned early on helps clue you in to the coming conflict. And you always lose -1 anytime you bad mouth Baras in front of him. I could almost imagine my sw saying mean things about Baras just to see if Quinn would react.

This romance has thrown me through a loop. He's definitely the hottest romance option of all the classes, so I was immediately like "YES I'LL TAKE THAT PLEASE". You know it's easier to love someone when they're so damn hot. I ALWAYS feel bad about killing good looking npcs. I REALLY wanted to romance Lord Draahg

He was also the first non-force sensitive character that my SW didn't look down on. He really impressed her with the way he handled the jedi on Balmorra. I never felt impressed with Torian or Andronikus or Doc or any of the other helpless men. And then Vector is the only one I ever got emotionally attached to during a story.

I'd love to do a QA with the writer so he/she could clear some things up. I think it's pretty mandatory that they address it in chapter 4. The worst thing that a writer could do is leave the reader unsatisfied at the end of a story.

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06.02.2012 , 03:59 PM | #352
i have an idea for quinn that would work out well

now we all know the emperors hands and that the hand known as two has a few bolts missing from his hyperdrive.

i think it would be fun to have the option to make quinn into a hand thus reducing his mind and makeing him a 100% obideant servant of the emperor.
hed still be usefull as a healer but would have been punished i think.

failing that a head set that is simply a slave collor would be fun to have on him as it wouldnt impact gameplay but would show that you no longer see him as an equal.

Katahn's Avatar

06.05.2012 , 11:35 AM | #353
With adaptive social gear you can give him the head slot item that looks like a shock collar. That's what I plan to do. I've already told Pierce to "keep an eye on him" (Quinn) to which Pierce said Quinn won't even go to the Fresher without Pierce knowing it.

Quinn never leaves the ship except in my company, period. I will deny him all future companion missions that involve him leaving the ship on his own. If I could have killed him, I would have - I wouldn't mind equipping the ship droid and certainly could deal with one less companion.
- Just an aging geek that remembers seeing Ep4 in the theater as a kid and knows that Han shot first!

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06.05.2012 , 01:24 PM | #354
now that we have seen this new planet mekeb and i can guess it will continue our class story (if only small) the big question is what now?

will quinns betrayl be delt with, will HK-51's first target be him, will there be any mention of it at all?

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02.08.2014 , 11:47 PM | #355
Quote: Originally Posted by JediElf View Post
I like that! It really would add just that 'little bit more' tot he overall narrative of that arc. yes that would work perfectly!

@bright_ephemera: I found that nice music video you made, for your Quinn romance experience. I have to say, I liked it allot.
I dont know kinda hard to make a comeback from trying to kill your wife to be. With all his preparations he could have won, I know--not the storyline but still. If he loved her the thought of killing her should have been unbearable. Therefore he didnt love her. Rather disappointing for a softie romantic like me. I dont see how she could stand him around much less turn her back on him again. Have kids??? yah right!

Breech's Avatar

10.10.2015 , 05:58 PM | #356
I'm agree 100% with the tittle of this post. Quinn's betrayal makes no sense, and it's a punch in the belly with the story.
"I betray you"
"I forgive you"
"ok, now let's no talk more of this bussiness ever again"

Seriuosly, ***?! I've a lot of imagination, but this is just stupid. Vette has nothing to say about it? And Pierce? He wants to beat the **** out of Quinn since he comes aboard. And when Quinn finally becomes a traitor, what's it's reaction? He does nothing.

BW really don't go well with changes. Yeah, I'm tank and he's my healer, but man, I have the robot, or Treek right now to heal me. I want to kill him. However, there're ways to make this a lot more believable. Putting a slave collar to Quinn, for example, and give Vette (she loves me, you know XD) the button. Or make Pierce beats him, and watch for him the entire day. Lock him in the quarters, without anything but water and some pills, make Jaesa torture him with his own fears to see if he's telling the truth (you know, she has that gift) demote him to soldier or even discharge him for the imperial military for ever. That would be... 3, 4 maybe 5 lines of dialogue and some short scene? It's necessary. Because without that little scene, it's just a very big plothole.

So, if we can't kill him, and BW can't add anything related, just cut it out. It makes no sense.

Aeneas_Falco's Avatar

10.13.2015 , 08:28 AM | #357
Quote: Originally Posted by xyreL View Post
Here's what I think happened you were probably able to kill him in the beta, But then people realised how much they needed quinn being a healer and all and imo your most valuable one. Because they did say people did complain in the beta after they had killed their companion and made tickets about getting them back
This forum sometimes makes me hate people that were involved in the Beta.

They complained about certain aspects of the game that were then cut, making the game less interesting than it might have otherwise been. The ability to kill some companions was one of those things. Another was the people who wined about their Dark Side Jedi getting the General title instead of Master , even though it makes zero *********** sense for a Dark Jedi to be made a master or be appointed to the Jedi Council.

(I don't actually hate them. I just turned up the hyperbole because this is the internet. When in Rome....)

Mournblood's Avatar

10.13.2015 , 10:42 AM | #358
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkestDaemon View Post
If Quinn was actually going to betray you, do you think he would have used -droids- to try and kill your character? I mean, he's seen what you've done to droids... he's seen what you've done to Jedi. No, if he was going to betray you he would have gotten you while you were asleep or just destroyed the station from your ship.

Sith would do such a thing. You wouldn't because you don't understand subtlety or the idea of -not- giving up a valuable resource.
I agree and disagree with you.

Quinn betrayed you, pure and simple. It doesn't matter if he only half-assed it, or whether that was intentional or not. He chose to side with Darth Baras, thinking he'd end up winning in the end, and he was wrong. Allowing him to live isn't a matter of choice - it's simply a precedent you can't allow as a Sith Lord, especially as the Emperor's Wrath. It invites sedition and sends a message that there's no real consequence for screwing you over. Who's going to fear you if you're willing to forgive and forget betrayal? It's also similar in a way to the premise of law. One of the main purposes of laws is that it creates a deterrent for socially unacceptable behavior. Most people don't break the law because they are afraid of the consequences. It's the same idea here. If there are no real consequences for betraying you, you're only inviting it because people won't be afraid to do it. It works the same in other aspects of life. If you let people take advantage of you, it will only continue as others will do so as well.

On the other hand, I do wholeheartedly agree with you that the biggest problem with the Empire is not only the in-fighting, but also their propensity to waste valuable resources. Killing someone because they failed you through no fault of their own is stupid, and we see that time and time again from the Imperial perspective. Yet I don't believe for a second that there isn't some other Imperial Captain out there just as talented as Quinn but far more loyal who could replace him. That replacement would also be far less inclined to betray you if they knew they were replacing someone who was executed for making that very mistake.

In summary, while I agree that it is incredibly short-sighted and ultimately does not serve the interests of the Empire to kill everyone who irritates you, or to needlessly waste resources for personal gain, you have to draw the line at betrayal. Quinn's betrayal should not have gone unanswered, and sours the story. In my opinion, there was a lot of missed story opportunity there to see him appropriately punished. In our story, he wasn't even demoted for his actions.

Here's how I would have written that part of the story.....

After surviving Quinn's betrayal, Lieutenant Pierce arrests him on your orders, and you confront him in front of your crew on your ship. In unbridled anger, you Force choke him as you charge him with his crimes to both you and the Empire, informing him that there will be no military tribunal, for the Emperor's Wrath is both judge and executioner. Captain Quinn admits his guilt, and his regrets, between his gasps for air. You finally release him, exchange a few more words of disappointment about the wasted talent, perhaps remarking on how his divisiveness helped reveal Darth Baras' treachery. Members of the crew chime in with their reactions. You can then choose to either kill him quickly via light saber, or Force push him into the airlock and release him into the vacuum of space.

As Imperial Command looks for a replacement for you, you are later contacted by Imperial Intelligence who have learned that the real Captain Quinn was captured by SIS over a year ago and was replaced with a conditioned clone to both gather intelligence on the Emperor and the Dark Council, and to subvert their plans by helping to sow discord amongst their ranks. Imperial Intelligence helps you locate him whereupon you embark on a mission to rescue the real Quinn, and succeed, adding him to your crew. As he heals from the trauma of torture and captivity at the hands of the SIS, you discover that the original Captain Quinn is fanatically loyal to the Empire, and to you.

Aeneas_Falco's Avatar

10.13.2015 , 11:18 AM | #359
I think what Bioware should have done from the beginning is making the ship's droid, who can accompany you as a companion, functional as either a tank, healer, or DPS. Have it be selected through a toggle as well, rather than needing to gear him.

That way the ship's droid could fill in as a replacement for anyone who killed Quinn, but needed a healer, or killed Skadge, but needed a tank. Ect, Ect.

As for Quinn's betrayal, I think they should have provided three options on how to deal with him. The first should have been killing him outright, at the end of that fight. The second should have been sparing him. The final option should have been to spare him as well, but through the use of dialogue prefaced with (lie). On that route Quinn would remain a companion with your Sith intending to kill him after he is no longer useful. At the end of the Sith's class arc you'd then get a scene with Quinn where your Sith can either serve his revenge cold, revealing that he or she planned to kill Quinn all along, or change his or her mind and spare Quinn, having come to believe over the course of the class arc that Quinn had redeemed himself.

The lie dialogue could have resulted in a fun scene down the line, and would have been in keeping with a dark side Sith who is a bit of a schemer.

Quinn: Have I redeemed myself, my lord? I hope I have repaid your mercy by performing all my duties to your satisfaction.

Sith Warrior: Indeed you have, Quinn. You have exceeded all my expectations. Your services are no longer required. (force choke)

josephinec's Avatar

10.13.2015 , 02:46 PM | #360
I have never understood why we couldn't kill Quinn, other than the "don't kill your healer" argument.
Any dark side Warrior would have executed him on the spot. Even my Light side Juggernaut gave him the "I'll see if you can still be useful" line. In my canon, her boyfriend( a friend's character) killed Quinn sometime after the incident.
I honestly don't see how you could forgive someone for betraying you to your worst enemy and try to have you killed for said enemy. Doubly so if you romanced that spineless Imperial captain.
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