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You know whats Ironic

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06.03.2012 , 05:41 PM | #1
This game is hyped about all the voice overs and Star Wars Music and Sound and yet for the last couple months sound keeps going out so all you get is silent cut scenes... This has been an issue since Patch 1.2 and they have YET to fix it.... I would not recommend this game to anyone in this condition....

Voice Overs its the whole reason why this game stands out from the rest of the MMO's yet it hasn't worked properly for months now....

When is this going to be fixed?!? I'm tired of mime cut scenes

If I was Bioware I would be really embarrassed about this... Maybe thats why we don't see any Dev's on the forums anymore.... There game is unraveling in front of them...

/end rant
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06.03.2012 , 05:50 PM | #2
When i lose sound, i just restart my game, works every time... for a while.

The sound issues seem to happen most often for me in EV, usually starting around Gharj, though it happens in other places as well. It's always just a matter of time before it happens. Easy to fix, though still very annoying at times, especially in fights where i depend on sounds as cues for moving away from people so i don't kill them (or so that they don't kill me :P)

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06.03.2012 , 06:14 PM | #3
Not really that ironic, I would say more coincidental. The only category of irony I would imagine that fitting under would be situational irony, but I would think it to be a weak argument.

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06.03.2012 , 07:24 PM | #4
Where is the irony? Did I miss it?
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06.03.2012 , 07:30 PM | #5
There is a thread on this already, and this thread will probably get shoved into it by the moderators