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Community Team General Update: May 31st, 2012

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Community Team General Update: May 31st, 2012
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05.31.2012 , 03:58 PM | #201 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Quote: Originally Posted by jibboo View Post
One thing that I'd like to see if the Community Managers could assist with is getting a response to the current sound issues ...

Since 1.2, we have been monitoring the threads about sound issues carefully. However, the problem is not isolated to one or even a few individual bugs. Rather, there have been multiple (sometimes overlapping) problems - some with similar symptoms. Thus far, we’ve been able to address several of the prominent issues like the “jet engine” and other loud noise on the fleet (1.2.0c, 1.2.1 ) and sounds stacking when getting multiple PvP medals (1.2.2), and we haven’t stopped working on fixes for other issues that you’re seeing, such as sound that “crackles” or losing sound gradually and/or randomly.

Your reports surrounding issues are always helpful when they’re ongoing and/or complex (and when they’re not!), so please don’t hesitate to add information and details to existing threads if you are seeing problems. Thanks for all of the details and information you’ve already given! o/’’\o
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05.31.2012 , 03:59 PM | #202
Quote: Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez View Post
I'm very glad that you brought this up. As a reminder, we on the community team work with the development team, but we're not developers. With that being said, our philosophy has always been that it's best to have them explain any changes or new features that they've been working on.

To that end, we have several blogs that are currently either being written or in the process of being approved for posting regarding upcoming changes in Game Update 1.3, and yes, class changes is one of those blog posts.

I know you all hate this word, but expect the first of these blog posts to coincide with Game Update 1.3's deployment onto PTS... very soon.
Okay here is one...

I really hate the current structure of the "Weekly/Monthly Q&A" type things. It feels like the Devs pick the "Easy" questions from them and just ignore the "Hard" and meaningful ones. When we ask questions about gameplay, inevitably the Dev team will respond with something like, "And yes! We will have emotes on speeders soon!"

I'd want, when the community does something like this, for harder and more significant questions to be asked. It just seems like all the questions that ever get asked are kind of "puff ball" and don't focus on real issues.
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05.31.2012 , 04:01 PM | #203
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthTexas View Post
The fact that supposed "fixes" often make it to the live server when in fact things are not fixed at all suggests you all might be better served putting even "minor" patches on the PTS. You all would look a lot more competent if patches were tested on a test server where players can point out the things you didn't actually fix ahead of the patch going live, instead of the numerous times where you all have to take it on the chin and once again admit you missed something in testing or a "fix" didn't actually fix what it was supposed to or the patch broke something else along the way.

I hate to say it, but BioWare's "Quality Assurance" for SWTOR has become a running joke in our guild. There are players that will test your game for free - in fact they'll pay you to do it with their subscription - instead we all feel like testers every single time a new patch hits the live servers.
Great post. And I agree the Q/A team is atrocious. It is indeed amazing how many broken things go live, players rage about it, only to find out testers pointed this out but the team had to make "the deadline". Bad business, and pretty much why so many have left this game lol.

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05.31.2012 , 04:01 PM | #204
It is unfortunate that there is so much vitriol in this thread, & I hope it doesn't seem like I'm adding to it, but I can't help but feel like some of the respectful anger/complaints are nothing but warranted. On many servers it feels like the game is in complete free-fall with nary a safety net in sight. While I think it is great that we are all of a sudden getting some Community Management it would appear to me that much of that vitriol is stemming from the idea/feeling that if you cannot get the Server Merges off the ground lile..two weeks ago.. that you won't have much of a community left to manage, & you can't honestly say that is not a valid concern.

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05.31.2012 , 04:02 PM | #205
Quote: Originally Posted by psi_overtake View Post
Sorry, I was told that we received more comms for doing a 16-man vs. 2 8-mans. Aside from your hyperbole and your condescending tone, your post has a legitimate concern that I hope gets addressed.

Also, 16-man Story Mode EC is easier than 16-man Nightmare Mode KP. Not every level 50 is geared for that, yet.
As someone who does both every week I disagree strongly. If not for Jarg and Sorno we could 14 man KP nightmare in 40 minutes or so. We've killed the first boss in KP nightmare with 13, about 30 seconds ahead of enrage. EC story mode is MUCH harder, and we struggle to his enrage timers on the first two fights even with 16 of the same people that blow them away on KP nightmare.

As such I have no problem bringing ungeared people to nightmare KP. They die. We don't rez them. We still win and get loot. In EC, everything is tuned so tight that a single death is a wipe a lot of times, so you can't come if you don't have the best gear already.

It's hard to compare the difficulty of the two zones 8 man, as going from 16 man to 8 man both zones have a difficultly level so low I can't tell the difference. We have 7 maned KP nightmare though, and never tied EC with less then 8 people, so I don't know.

And sorry about the condescending tone, this is the internet after all, hard not to come off that way.

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05.31.2012 , 04:06 PM | #206
So, not sure if this belongs here but was wondering what was being done about some of the extremly low server populations. Heard some talk/gossip about possibly merging some of them. Is this true?
Having this happen might help some. At least for the time being till a larger player base is formed. I know I am having a heck of a time finding a large player base on any server. (Trust me I am making my rounds), that has more than me at fleet or at the most 10 players. though I have found some that have gotten up to 25. and that was a standard not light server. From Eastern servers to the Asian servers I have gone. I do hope you folks are looking into merging some and or closeing some till you do indeed get a larger player base.

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05.31.2012 , 04:08 PM | #207
This is a nice initiative and contrary to some forum members belief, yes I do care about things like that. I'm looking forward to the next Community Team General Updates.

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05.31.2012 , 04:08 PM | #208
One of the biggest failures in WZ's, is not all players showing up in the Ops raid frame. With rateds coming soon, this will be a much bigger issue with players. How far has the team got in fixing this issue; and will rateds still be pushed live if this is not fixed?

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05.31.2012 , 04:14 PM | #209
Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonBerryman View Post
Hopefully this will answer the question: one of our biggest priorities has always been to be advocates for the community and their concerns to the developers directly. A great deal of what we do involves communicating the community's feedback. On the other side, we always work to bring information to the community, and that can mean everything from blogs about new features to communicating information when we have unexpected issues or extended maintenance. Like I've mentioned, we can't always share information right away, but it's always our goal to get information to the players about things that are important to you.
Thanks for the response! I'm excited with you guys! Keep up the good work.
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05.31.2012 , 04:18 PM | #210
Hi there! *wave* It's great to see that you guys are making yourselves available to us. I look forward to reading what you have to say around the forums and on your blogs. This is a great improvement and I'm excited to see where this game is going!
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